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The Future is Now (so is the past)

i like these photos: can you spot the apple products and the sony psp? this would make getting around easier. even great grandma liked her starbucks. see more here.

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Good Day for Dissent, Bad Day for Alberto Gonzales

look at the picture and then check out the story here. isn’t it hard to sell something when nobody is buying? you bet your ass it is.

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Happy Birthday Macintosh

1984 won’t be like 1984. on this date in 1984 apple introduced the macintosh and things were never the same. oddly enough, steve jobs hate the macintosh and tried to kill it. of course, he later changed his mind, took … Continue reading

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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

yes, the title says it all. its sunday here and i have spent many hours this weekend watching tv. not just tv really, i watched a couple of movies too. i’m not sure why but it seemed like the thing … Continue reading

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17″ iMac Review and a quick bit of other stuff

i know, i know. again with the light blogging. “what the hell is wrong with you?” you may ask. well, nothing really. just, you guessed it, busy again. for some reason as yet unknown to me, except perhaps a dose … Continue reading

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Mac World Stuff

well, the stevenote at mac world expo is over. sadly, no “media center” mac mini or anything like that. however, we now have some pretty cool new things to play around with. and here they are: the new MacBook Pro … Continue reading

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Tivo Tuesday

i have been thinking and writing about Tivo a lot lately so i though i would continue the trend, at least for today. so, in the spirit of total disclosure, i wanted to list my Tivo season passes for your … Continue reading

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CES highlights and the future

apparently, there is some sort of event going on in las vegas called the consumer electronics show (aka CES). at the show, the major and minor electronics companies duke it out with press confrences to announce that they have developed … Continue reading

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Joss Whedon and the future of Television

special guest poster Joss Whedon on the future of TV. actually, i stole this from the tv guide . don’t laugh too much, he could be spot on. it sure feels like it some nights. personally, i’m looking forward to … Continue reading

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Funny Stuff for the New Year

hopefully this will be as funny to you as it is to me even if yesterday was actually a lazy sunday. and, if you are ever in new york, the cupcakes at magnolia bakery are quite good. in fact, you … Continue reading

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