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September 2013

‘Breaking Trek’


In truth, I haven’t watched the last couple seasons of Breaking Bad . . .yet. I have, however, watched every episode of every Star Trek series. More than once, in fact.

I also like when smart, talented people put things together and see what happens. Keeping that in mind, what do you think you get when you combine Star Trek and Breaking Bad?

Well, wonder no more because in the video below, we all get to find out.

On a mostly unrelated note, being a new father has, as you may expect, caused me to lose considerable sleep. Consequently, I’ve been having some difficulty being on a regular schedule and also fining the time, and coherent moments, to put anything here. Rest assured, I will get back to my version of normal as soon as I can.

Although, I guess with a new son I need to be open to the possibility things will change quite a bit and I will have to adopt a “new” normal. Fortunately for all concerned, the new boy is pretty awesome so if things have to change (which they surely will) I won’t mind one bit.

Anyway, here’s the video.

DIY Not?


As I’m currently sitting in a hospital room waiting for the circle of life to begin, I have some time to reflect on other, somewhat less important, topics. Here goes.

As some of you may know, we recently purchased a house. As the house is relatively new (only about 10 years old), it didn’t require any major renovations, or anything of that nature, for us to be able to move in and be happy/comfortable.

All we really did is paint the inside, change the locks and make a few other basically cosmetic changes. Nothing big and nothing that required a reciprocating saw or a sledge hammer. I can’t decide for sure if I’m disappointed about that or not.

Now that we’ve been in the house a couple months, I’ve become more or less hooked on DIY TV shows (that and increasing my arsenal of cool tools). In particular, I watch several shows on the DIY network including The Rehab Addict and Holmes Make It Right. Or, really, anything with Mike Holmes.

These shows are pretty interesting and often very informative. I’m also entertained and I usually learn something. They do, however, have one downside: I now want to redo the entire house (or most of it anyway).

Since I’ve been watching the shows I look around the house and I see a lot of things I want to upgrade or improve. I could redo the bathrooms, change the stairs, add a room above the garage or upgrade the kitchen. There’s just so many possibilities. In short, I now have a DIY issue.

I don’t think it’s really going to be much of a problem as long as I keep in mind the fact that the last time I did any real construction, or anything like it, was over twenty years ago. At the time I was pretty good at it, but again, it was a long time ago.

Sure, things haven’t changed that much, but I do think some more information and thought is required before I tackle any real DIY projects at home. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t keep building my collection of awesome tools, right?

The D&D Animated Series Is 30 Years Old This Week


I still remember that day in 1983 when this show graced the Saturday Morning Cartoon airwaves. To be perfectly honest, I can’t remember for sure if I loved it or not. I think I did, but that was a long time ago.

No matter, it’s always fun to check out things from my past, especially the mostly innocent ones. Here’s a bit of the series in all of its 1983 glory.


A New ‘Robocop’ Trailer for a Friday


As movie remakes are as inevitable as death and taxes (I won’t try to fight it anymore), there’s a remake of the sci-fi movie Robocop that’s out there in the world and on the way. No, it hasn’t been released yet, there’s just a trailer.

But it does exist. So yeah, there’s that. Anyway, here’s the first trailer. Can’t say I’m wild about the new suit, but to be honest, the movie doesn’t look all that bad. Hmmmm, curious.

Have a nice weekend.