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Some Favorite SDCC18 Trailers

As has been the case for the last few years, I wasn’t at Comic-Con in San Diego this week. The reasons I don’t go are varied, but the main one is after going pretty much every year for the last 30 years or so, I’m kinda burned out.

Also, I’m waiting for my son to get a wee bit older before I scar him for life by taking him to the con. I’m not sure he’d be able to handle it right now. There’s just too much of it and it’s all happening at the same time. If you’ve ever been you know what I’m talking about.

Heck, I’m an adult with decades of con experience and I’m not sure I could handle it right now either. Well, I probably could. Probably.

Even though I didn’t go this year I did keep tabs on most of the things happening during the week, especially the trailers for new movies and TV shows. Here’s some of my favorites.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

As a huge fan of OG Godzilla movies, and especially Destroy All Monsters, this made me very happy. I’ll be seeing this as soon as I can.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2

Say what you will about this latest Star Trek series (and about CBS All Access which, let’s face it, kinda sucks) this trailer looks great and I’m very interested in the new season.

And the one I’m most excited about: Glass. Been waiting a long time for an Unbreakable sequel, and now it’s here. Looks great. And yes, I realize Split was a sorta sequel, but this is more what I had in mind all along.

There were, of course, a lot more trailers, news, announcements and whatnot from the show. It is Comic-Con after all. But these were the highlights for me.

Some ‘Star Trek: TNG’ Season 7 Bloopers


Continuing the Star Trek theme of the last post, but on a much more upbeat note, here’s a blooper/gag reel from Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 7.

I find this stuff pretty amusing. You might too.

The Saga Continues


It amuses me when people post to their personal websites/blogs that they are not, in fact, dead. I’ve even done it myself. Probably more than once. Hey, here it is again: I’m not dead.

See, that wasn’t so bad.

The truth it I’ve been in a bit of a funk and haven’t had the motivation to write anything. I’ve been a bit down. A little on the low side. Bummed out. Sad, even. Why, you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you. It’s not my death that’s the problem, it’s my mom’s. Yes, you read that right, my mom passed away. It’s actually been a couple months now and I’ve had a bit of time to try to get used to it.

But if I’m being completely honest, I’m really not used to it . . . and I don’t think I ever will be. I think that’s okay though. I don’t think you’re supposed to get used to it or get over it.

You just learn to live with it.

On that note I’ve been trying to think of a fitting tribute to my mom and, perhaps, write something here that will do her justice. So far, I’ve pretty much failed.

What I can do is tell a story.

It was 1979 and the movie version of one of my favorite TV series, Star Trek, was finally coming to the big screen. It was called Star Trek: The Motion Picture and it would open on that Friday in December to mediocre reviews and somewhat disappointing box office.

But STtMP’s relative success is not really the point of this particular trip into the past.

The point is my mom let me skip school on that Friday, drove me to the theater and waited in line with me from the early morning until we were finally seated and where, in spite of the reviews, I had a great movie-going experience.

That’s the kind of mom she was.

Sure, some could argue allowing your child to skip school to see a movie isn’t the best example of parenting. But that doesn’t really matter. What matters is she encouraged me … in whatever direction I wanted to go.

Even if she didn’t exactly understand, or share, my passions, she helped me figure out ways to indulge and pursue them. She was always there for me whenever I needed her and whenever I wanted to try something new. No judgements, few questions, just support and love.

Even when I made mistakes, she was there for me. That happened quite a bit, as it does when you’re growing up. But with her help I learned from those mistakes and became better for it.

These are the things a parent does. It’s what my mom did. I would not be who I am today without her. I only hope I end up being half the parent she was.

It’s a lot to live up to.

Happy (Soon to Be) 50th ‘Star Trek’


As my friend and The Flickcast podcast co-host Joe Dilworth pointed out recently, it was supposedly about 50 years ago (on or about March 11) that Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry first put pen to paper (or fingers to typewriter) and wrote a proposal for a new sci-fi TV series.

His first words? “Star Trek is . . .”

Since that day his creation has spawned several TV series, a bunch of movies, action figures, models, conventions and whole generations of adults of all ages all over the world who dreamed of boldly going where no one has gone before. Those words, and the resulting TV series, had power . . . Power to entertain, to inform, to spark debate and highlight the important social and political issues of the time. Plus, the show was just plain fun.

I’m sure we’ll start to see all sorts of tributes and honors for this amazing and groundbreaking TV series, and the phenomenon it became, as the actual 50th anniversary of the original series, which first aired in 1966, hits in 2016. Until then, let me put in my two cents now and say “Thank You” to Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek for the countless hours of fun and entertainment.

‘Breaking Trek’


In truth, I haven’t watched the last couple seasons of Breaking Bad . . .yet. I have, however, watched every episode of every Star Trek series. More than once, in fact.

I also like when smart, talented people put things together and see what happens. Keeping that in mind, what do you think you get when you combine Star Trek and Breaking Bad?

Well, wonder no more because in the video below, we all get to find out.

On a mostly unrelated note, being a new father has, as you may expect, caused me to lose considerable sleep. Consequently, I’ve been having some difficulty being on a regular schedule and also fining the time, and coherent moments, to put anything here. Rest assured, I will get back to my version of normal as soon as I can.

Although, I guess with a new son I need to be open to the possibility things will change quite a bit and I will have to adopt a “new” normal. Fortunately for all concerned, the new boy is pretty awesome so if things have to change (which they surely will) I won’t mind one bit.

Anyway, here’s the video.

Geek vs. Nerd

Let this handy chart help you decide. Nerd? Geek? Maybe both? Let’s see.


(h/t to @e2thej for the link)

How to Teach Your Unborn Child About ‘Star Trek’


Geeks/nerds out there expecting a child in the near future, this video is for you: How to Teach Your Unborn Child About Star Trek. That’s right, it’s never too early to start teaching your child the important fundamentals.

Well, you might want to wait until they actually have ears and can hear (about 20 weeks or so). But then, get to it.

If I ever have children (hey, you never know), in addition to Star Trek, I will also be teaching them about Star Wars during the all-important internal gestation period. This will, of course, inevitably lead to many enjoyable Star Trek vs. Star Wars debates.

That does sound like fun. I may have to work on that.


(h/t to Dr. Tom Mahoney for the link)

‘Star Trek: TNG’ Season Two Bloopers? Make It So!

As a huge fan of the original Star Trek series, I was quite skeptical when Star Trek: The Next Generation came out. Fotunately, it only took about five minutes for the new show to win me over and I’ve been a big fan of Picard, Riker, Data and the rest ever since.

With the series coming out on Blu-ray, we’ve gotten some great supplimental material. One such bit of greatness is this blooper reel from Season Two of the series.

Great stuff indeed. Enjoy.

Update: Sorry kids but it seems the video has been taken down by YouTube for those pesky “copyright violations.” I’ll see if I can find it somewhere else. Meantime, go read a book or something.