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January 2009

Video Friday – ‘Ad Guys’

Just like Mad Men, only funnier. Here’s episode one of Ad Guys, made by the dynamic comedy duo of Barats and Bereta. Go on, laugh a little. It won’t hurt you.


Video Friday (on Tuesday) — Le Wrath di Kahn

Today’s special Tuesday edition of ‘Video Friday’ comes from a show called Robot Chicken. If you are not watching Robot Chicken, you should be. It’s that good.

I won’t bother making any brilliant, funny or incisive comments about the video. Suffice to say that its just plain awesome and you should watch it. Now.


The Start of Something Good

Today is a great day for America. A new President, a new chance to show the world we are a country worthy of the title “world leader” and the start of something good.

Here’s to Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States. Good luck Mr. President. With the state of the country after the Bush years, I think you’ll need it.


Video Friday — “Star Wars” Retold by Someone Who Hasn’t Seen It

Much like previous weeks, this Friday brings another “Star Wars” themed video. Yes, I like Star Wars, so what? When you have your own blog you can post videos about your favorite movies, no matter what they are.

Until then, enjoy this one about, you guessed it, “Star Wars.” Did I mention this is about “Star Wars”? I just want to make sure I mention “Star Wars” enough so there’s no confusion regarding this video. Its about “Star Wars.” Clear? Good. Enjoy.

Video Friday — The Trapeze Girl

As many of you know, I was at Macworld Expo in San Francisco all this week covering the show for TUAW. Consequently, this video Friday is coming out on Saturday. However, to compensate you for having to wait, I think this is a pretty good one.

This video highlights one of the attractions at this year’s Cirque du Mac party. Yes, that’s a girl on a trapeze. Mac geeks like girls too. Enjoy.

Video Friday – The New Doctor Who

Here he is. Its Matt Smith, the eleventh actor to portray the iconic character. He seems like a nice enough fellow — at least in this interview. He also seems genuinely excited to have the role. How will he be as the Doctor? I guess we’ll find out soon enough. Enjoy.