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May 2012

35 Years Ago Today . . . In a Galaxy Far, Far Away


On this day in 1977, before it was known as ‘Episode IV’, a little movie called Star Wars made its debut and changed the way things worked in Hollywood for all time. It also had a very significant impact on a young boy named Chris who learned an important lesson that day: there’s no limit to what you can imagine.

Happy 35 Star Wars.

From the ‘Want’ Department: The Sonos SUB

I may have mentioned I’m a big fan of Sonos and their products. I use a Play 5 every day and it’s an awesome way to listen to music from your personal music collection, Pandora or Spotify. Plus, like my Macs, it “just works.”

Now Sonos has a new piece of shiny I want: the SUB. Check out this video of the SUB in action and tell me you don’t want one too. And no, that’s not CG.