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Almost Real

Congress passes a law helping to solidify the position of bloggers as “real” journalists. Could be a step in the right direction. Still has to get signed by Mr. Bush but perhaps it will. We’ll see.

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Harold Ullrich 1930 – 2007

It’s hard, but in the end I guess I’ll manage it. What else can you do but try to get on with life even if you don’t really want to? After all, life happens even if you’re not ready for … Continue reading

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Take a Number

You know, its sorta funny how life works. Just when things seem to be taking a turn for the better life smacks you in the face so you know who’s in charge. Without going into to much detail, let’s just … Continue reading

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prius shift

prius shift

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Quick Update and Vacation News

Just in case anyone still comes here let’s just say that I’m almost to the point of returning. As you know, many things have happened lately, including my father being very ill, that have basically turned my life into pale … Continue reading

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