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October 2007

Almost Real

Congress passes a law helping to solidify the position of bloggers as “real” journalists. Could be a step in the right direction. Still has to get signed by Mr. Bush but perhaps it will. We’ll see.

Harold Ullrich 1930 – 2007


It’s hard, but in the end I guess I’ll manage it. What else can you do but try to get on with life even if you don’t really want to? After all, life happens even if you’re not ready for it. So, may as well try to get ready for it, right?

Or, at the very least, try your best. A wise man once told me “Do the best with what you’ve got.” Good advice.

Take a Number

You know, its sorta funny how life works. Just when things seem to be taking a turn for the better life smacks you in the face so you know who’s in charge. Without going into to much detail, let’s just say that I’m still in the midst of things personal but on the plus side, if there is one, it looks to be a pretty short time now until the hardest part is over.

Although, they say waiting is the hardest part and dammit, whomever said that pretty much had it right. Waiting pretty much sucks but at the moment, that’s all I can do. Wait. So, here I am and here I’ll stay. I just hope it doesn’t take too long — this much waiting is not good for anyone.

Quick Update and Vacation News

Just in case anyone still comes here let’s just say that I’m almost to the point of returning. As you know, many things have happened lately, including my father being very ill, that have basically turned my life into pale imitation of its former self. Not that what I was doing was so great, just that I had more time to actually do it.

Now, it seems like most of my time is spent dealing with “things” and not my own life. Although, I’m sure there are people in the world with far more going wrong in their lives than me so I will do my best not to bitch. Still, things were going pretty great up until recently and I would really like to get back on that road as soon as possible.

Until then, I will content myself with thoughts of sandy beaches, warmer climes, large bar tabs and a much needed vacation. All of it coming soon courtesy of the impeding nuptials of Tony and Jenn who have graciously decided to have their wedding in the Cayman Islands. Naturally, I felt obligated to attend. After all, they are my friends. I couldn’t very well let them get married on an exotic Caribbean island without being there to celebrate with them. I felt I owed it to them.

The fact that I benefit as well never entered my mind. To help tide you over until the inevitable deluge of photos from the trip, here’s a few of the island taken by someone else besides myself (the groom-to-be actually). Enjoy.