Almost Real

Congress passes a law helping to solidify the position of bloggers as “real” journalists. Could be a step in the right direction. Still has to get signed by Mr. Bush but perhaps it will. We’ll see.

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19 Responses to Almost Real

  1. resim says:

    it is really almost real 😉

  2. Bush won’t sign it. It’s going to lead to everyone making a blog, and then using there journalistic freedoms to go to Cuba, private property, etc. Even I don’t support this bill, we’re writing about toast on the internet, not the New York Times.

  3. Sounds like a kind of good news. Though someone was right to say it would be bad news for people who don’t understand libel and slander. I am one of those people unfortunately. I’m just praying to god they don’t start harassing bloggers here in the west as well as everywhere else.

  4. LP says:

    A blogger should not be equated with a journalist. Then again, I find blogs tend to be more informative then journalists as blogs rarely undergo censure and typically do not have to conform to the pressures of the journalistic world.

  5. jmscharff2 says:

    I agree this is not the right direction to go in. If I were a journalist I would be insulted that I spent years in college getting a degree and then a bunch of kids were all journalists just becuase they write on a blog. Having a blog does not make you a journalist it makes you someone who wants to speak their opinions about a topic. This is the completely wrong direction for bloggers.

  6. brokenbokken says:

    So this is what Pelosi thinks is more important than impeaching Bush and/or Cheny? huh…

  7. Justin says:

    Wow what a good idea I guess our parliament here in Canada did not do it.

  8. Yea! I’m a journalist now. As soon as it passes I’ll update my profile at my law firm to include “Journalist” Now, the next thing to do is start drawing a lot of buildings and publishing them on my blog–then maybe I can become an Architect. Oh the dreams I have.

  9. Uchral says:

    this is just… ok i think but just little terrific

  10. hoganfe says:

    That is terrific news!

  11. Brent says:

    What a joke! So the 12 year old girl who writes in her blog, is now considered a “real” journalist?

    Most “real” journalists already have blogs. Besides, don’t you think that Congress has more important things to think about now — like perhaps how to protect our country while at war?

  12. Matthew says:

    This should be interesting for students like myself wanting to possibly be journalists as it could help us develop the skills of a journalist (for example if we go around collecting news and then put it on a blog)

  13. verticalx says:

    Yeah I wonder how this might affect casual bloggers.

  14. wittybanter says:

    How is this a step in the “right” direction? It’s like saying Congress can make me a doctor, though I haven’t been to med school and well, I am not a doctor. I have watched a lot of ER and Grey’s Anatomy so therefore I must be qualified. Bloggers are no more journalists as than I am a doctor.

  15. resim says:

    Testando, pra ver se eu posso postar sem ser registrado.

  16. TR says:

    Not such good news for all those who don’t know what technically qualifies as libel or slander.

  17. Great News for all those who loves blogging and if Mr. Bush passes this one then it may increase the volume of writers as well as content.

  18. Júlio says:

    Testando, pra ver se eu posso postar sem ser registrado.

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