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February 2007



So yeah, obviously I moved to WordPress. And yes, I like the way the blog looks now. But no, the move wasn’t perfect. Sadly, all of the pictures and video files I had put into my posts didn’t make the trip so they will have to be dropped in manually. Quite a bummer actually considering I’ve got over three years worth of posts here and most of them have pictures or some other kind of media.

Anyway, I probably won’t go back and bring all the pictures back in. I just don’t have that kind of time. So, if you happen to read a post with a whole where a picture should be, please forgive me. I am also having some trouble getting embedded videos to play at WordPress so that will take a little effort on my part as well. Or, I suppose I could ask support for help. Not there yet. I always like to figure this stuff out for myself anyway. It help later if someone else asks me what to do and I can tell them from experience.

Other than that, I’m writing this while looking at an Apple 23″ Cinema Display attached to my MacBook Pro. I gotta say that it’s a pretty great monitor and I may keep it. Actually, it technically is supposed to go to someone else but they don’t need it right away so I thought I would check it out for myself and see how nice it is. You know what, its pretty nice.


It occured to me that I have this blog set up at WordPress and more importantly, its a free one. Perhaps I should be taking advantage of the free stuff? Maybe so. I do like Typepad but it seems like I’m spending quite a bit of money on something I don’t really take much advantage of. My blog isn’t updated that often so maybe it makes more sense to change it to over here?

I don’t know but I’m thinking about it. Anyway, thanks for letting me think out loud. Appreciated.

Going to Mars (Edit)


As much as I love ecto and all its blogging goodness I sometimes wonder if something better is out there to suit my needs. So, I have decided to give Mars Edit a try. I only downloaded it this evening and this is the first post with it. So far, so good. Over the next week or so I am going to put it through its paces, kick the tires and generally see what’s what with the program.

Then, as I often do, I will give it a thumbs up or down and say some reasons why. Until then, happy blogging all and to all a good night.

Walking When You Shouldn’t Be

Macbook Pro

well, i got some interesting news the other day. it seems i have what the doctors call “walking pneumonia.” and no, it does not come with the “boogie woogie flu” as much as i was hoping it did. really, all it comes with is chest pain when breathing, coughing, headache and a general feeling of crappiness that makes you just wanna sleep until its over. don’t worry, i’m going to live and got some good drugs.

so, that’s what i have been doing a lot of for the last few days — sleeping. that also means i haven’t been doing much of anything else like writing for LAist, Cinematical or any other sites. plus, haven’t been working on my scripts either. at least i have a good excuse this time and not the usual one i use — procrastination.

i’m going to keep this short but i had a moment or two of lucidity and felt like at least writing something. gotta keep the machine working if you can — at least at extremely low capacity. one other bit of news before i go, i have changed phones yet again (yes, its true) and gone back to the blackberry 8700g. the treo 680 is history and although a fine piece of tech, is just not for me. blackberry is where its at and i count the days until the blackberry 8800 comes out for t-mobile. soon my friends, soon.

also, i have decided to try an experiment and only use one mac instead of two. normally, i have a desktop mac (at the moment a 20“ intel iMac) and i also used a laptop — my trusty 12” g4 powerbook. i have decided to try and use only one mac and make things simpler for me. to that end, i am now the proud owner of a shiny new 15“ macbook pro. yes, i know i said 15” was too big and i would never get one, etc. well, i’m using it to write this and i gotta say, its pretty nice.

i was going to attach an external monitor (a 23“ apple cinema display or a 24” dell ultrasharp) but this screen is almost big enough not to need another monitor. plus, i’m kinda in a quandary regarding my loyalty to apple and paying a thousand bucks for a monitor when i can get a potentially better one for only about six hundred bucks from dell. everything i’ve read about the dell leads me to believe that its a great monitor and every bit as good as the apple. or, i could just use the macbok pro without another monitor. its only five inches smaller than my iMac so i almost don’t notice the difference. plus, as its a laptop you tend to sit closer to it than you do a bigger monitor and that, at least for me, makes things easier to read and see.

the other major reason i decided to try this was to avoid the “oh, that file is on my other computer” problem that seems to crop up often. if you have two computers it stands to reason you will work on one of them sometime and the other sometimes. unfortunately, that probably means you will run into the same problem i often did. an article draft or a file i need is on my desktop and i’m on my laptop at another location and can’t get to it. sure, i could vpn and ftp the stuff to me wherever i am but why bother and why open up any holes in my firewall if i don’t have to? it seems much easier to me to just have one computer, an external monitor and external drives and go from there.

i’m sure this new paradigm will also present its own problems but for the moment, it seems to make sense. besides, it was a good excuse to get a new mac and who doesn’t love that! i know i do. ok, that’s it. time to go back to bed. see you on the other side.

The Simple Pleasures of a Good Bar and Good Conversation


Last night was the latest LAist meeting where the writers and editors get together to share some beverages and talk about writing, sex, drugs, being attacked by raccoons and whatever else happens to come up. Its a good time made especially good for me because I got to go back to one of my favorite places in Los Angeles: Ye Rustic Inn in Los Feliz. If you don’t know it its one of those dive places that are great fun, have giant leather booths, pitchers of beer, cute servers and is plenty dark so everyone looks a lot better. It’s definitely one of those places that feel like home to me. Obviously, I’ve spent way to much time in bars. I’m not an alcoholic but I do like my drinks now and again. Although, more and more its again and not now.

Putting that aside for a moment, its also across the street from another great place to go called the Drawing Room. The Drawing Room has one thing in particular going for it besides its similar characteristics to the Rustic: it opens way early in the morning for your drinking pleasure. Consequently, when I used to toil all night on set and then be fully awake at 7AM at wrap, it was nice to go over The Drawing Room and get a cocktail at 8 in the morning. Yes, those are the things you sometimes do after shooting all night on a Friday and finishing up early Saturday morning.

Of course, we went during the week many times too so it wasn’t always confined to the weekends. I gotta say, it sure was nice being young enough and in many ways, dumb enough, to be able to go out and do things like that. Now, as many of my friends will attest, its a pretty rare situation that gets me out of the house at all, let alone out to a bar. I just don’t go out as much as I used to.

Really, I didn’t want to go last night either. Well, that’s not really fair. I did want to go. Its always nice to see LAist people, including one of my favorite people I’ve met in LA the last few years: Tony Pierce. Over at his infamous blog, I read that he feels similarly to me in that he doesn’t like to go places as much as he used to and especially doesn’t like to have to be somewhere according to a schedule. I’m very much the same way. I don’t like deadlines and I don’t really like having to do much of anything I don’t want to do. Unfortunately, it turns out that most of life doesn’t really give a crap about what I want to do or don’t want to do. So, sometimes you gotta be somewhere at a certain time and that’s just how it goes. Yes, deadlines are a bitch.

Anyway, a good time was had by all last night at the LAist meet and many pitchers of Stella were consumed so thanks for that Jake. Also, I met some new LAist people who were very cool and talented and will be a pleasure getting to know further. It’s really great that I keep meeting quality people after living so long in LA and being sorta out of the business. I used to meet a lot of great people on set but now, as my being on set time is far less, it was getting harder to meet people. Although, I have met a few at the “office” so I shouldn’t forget about that.

Something about this town, whatever its other faults, sure seems to attract some of the best people. I guess its probably the lure of Hollywood and fame/fourtune. Or, maybe its the weather? Who knows? Whatever it is, I’m glad it happens. Sure, the traffic sucks and trying to find parking in Santa Monica at 3P on a Thursday makes you want to kill someone but still, this city is home to some great people and some great bars. So, go out and find the place that makes you feel at home. You’ll be glad you did.

Steve Jobs and His Thoughts on Music


This is a very interesting read especially coming from a guy whose company also has DRM on its music from iTunes. Still, you have to give him credit, he sure seems to be pretty darn smart. I guess you have to be to do what he’s done with Apple over the years. Enjoy.