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December 2008

Video Friday – Dear John Witherspoon

In honor of the holidays, the following video will have pretty much nothing to do with the holidays whatsoever. Oh, this video is probably NSFW unless you happen to work someplace where this kind of thing is acceptable. If so, are they hiring?

Enjoy and happy holidays. Yes, I went there. That is all.


Awesome ‘Thundercats’ Movie Trailer

Sure, its not real but its still awesome. Made by my new favorite fake-trailer superstar, WormyT, this trailer shows what a real fan can do with talent, technology and determination. Plus, who hasn’t secretly imagined some of the casting WormyT has for his trailer. Brad Pitt as Lion-O, Hugh Jackman as Tygra and Vin Diesel as Panthro? Come on, that’s just plain cool. Enjoy.


Video Friday – The Sherman and Mr. Peabody Backstory

The story I never knew as a child can now be told. It’s the Sherman and Mr. Peabody backstory. Also known as: How a dog found his boy. Enjoy.


Video Friday – RIP Bettie Page

In case you don’t know who I’m talking about, here’s some video that points out the true phenomenon that was Bettie Page — who, sadly, passed away yesterday at the age of 85. Time Magazine also has some great photos and a tribute over here, so take a look. Enjoy.


Video Friday – Bible in a Minute

This is pretty self-explanatory. It’s also perfect if you just don’t have much time in your life to read a really long and complicated book like the bible. Enjoy.