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Open mouth, insert foot

you think you do and say dumb things sometimes? well, wired has compiled a list of the biggest technology-related blunders spoken by people in power who are supposed to know better. they also have lots of people around them who … Continue reading

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Time Magazine thinks like me (sort of)

time magazine and i are in sync (at least a little). its like i’ve been saying all along here and at LAist. “Battlestar Galactica” is a kick ass show. if you are not watching it, you should be. don’t be … Continue reading

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Xmas post game

ok, its the day after christmas. anyone get anything good? i got socks and underwear. plus, some shirts and some other clothes. i remember being a kid and hating it when i got underwear or socks for christmas. it was … Continue reading

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Best of . . .

over at LAist we are doing our “best of” picks to end the year. yes, i know it may seem a little trite but its still a bunch of fun too. you can check out my pics for best music, … Continue reading

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Home for the holidays

heading down south (no, not mexico) for a few days for some xmas cheer and whatnot (i’m big on the whatnot, btw). i intend to see a few friends and hang out for a few days and just sort of … Continue reading

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Writing is hard (aka the excuses)

as you may have seen (if anyone actually noticed) there has been larger and larger gaps between posts on this here blog. some of you may be wondering why. yes, i’m talking to you in the back row there. wake … Continue reading

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RIP Richard

Dead at 65.

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The Christmas Spirit (or spirits, as the case may be)

yes, its that time of year. as i have said on more than one occasion, the holidays bring me mixed emotions. am i happy? am i sad? am i blue? are you? i don’t really know. i guess the real … Continue reading

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