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Home for the holidays


heading down south (no, not mexico) for a few days for some xmas cheer and whatnot (i’m big on the whatnot, btw). i intend to see a few friends and hang out for a few days and just sort of be. you know, free to be you and me, that kind of thing. (if you don’t know what i’m talking about, check out marlo thomas on imdb for a clue. don’t work too hard at it though, you’re on vacation remember?)

i have done all my shopping online this year and mostly at amazon.com. the great thing about amazon is that they wrap stuff too and just send it right to the person’s door. no transporting boxes of gifts in the car or on a plane. that’s a pain in the ass and you can’t wrap the presents due to security so really, what’s the point?. let ups do the work. you just coast in for the end and feast on the accolades.

some may think that purchasing gifts online and then just sending them to people is somehow less personal or not as in the christmas spirit as physically going to a store, buying something, wrapping it and then presenting it to someone in person. i do do that last part, at least for some people. i will be presenting gifts to the parentals in person. although, i did buy their gifts online.

really, what’s the point of suffering for the gifts by driving to the mall, looking for parking, waiting in line and pushing your way through crowds of angry shoppers pissed off that they can’t find and xbox 360 or an american girl doll either? it doesn’t make the person you give the gift to like it or dislike it. it doesn’t matter how it got there. the point is that it gets there.

a good gift is a good gift and a bad gift can be re-gifted next year. besides, its the thought that counts, right? i gave a great deal of thought to the gifts before i click the button and order. time and effort. just not exactly physical effort. it doesn’t take much physical effort to click a mouse, that’s true. but that’s not the point. the point is in the giving.

anyway, its been a great year and it looks to be a pretty good xmas. i hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season. no matter what you celebrate: christmas, chanuka, kwanza or some combo of all three, just be sure and have a good one.

and take it easy on the ‘nog. the year isn’t over yet. we still have a week until new years.

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