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D&D Turned 40 This Weekend

dungeons-dragons-art-1In case you didn’t know, the venerable-yet-shows-no-sign-of-slowing-down RPG Dungeons & Dragons turned 40 over the weekend. No, I wasn’t in line to grab it when it first came out. Although I was, in fact, alive.

I did, however, start to play the game at a very young age, right before the first set of “Advanced” D&D books arrived. The game was great fun and allowed my friends and I to have lots of adventures. Sure, we didn’t have any “Next-Gen” graphics or “Force Feedback” controllers, but that was okay. Those things hadn’t even been invented yet and we wouldn’t have needed them even if they had been around.

What we did have (in addition to pen, paper and some cool rulebooks) was one of the most important things a kid (or anyone, really) can have: Imagination. With imagination you can see, do and experience amazing things.

Without imagination we wouldn’t have all of the things we take for granted: cars, planes, iPhones, the computer I’m writing this post on right now or D&D. Imagination is the key.

For me, and a lot of people I grew up with, D&D was one of the hands turning that key. That and a bag of many-sided dice.

Happy 40th D&D. Thanks for all the adventures.

This Supergirl Fan Film Is Worth a Look


It’s become somewhat of a tradition around here. That is to say I like to bring interesting videos I find out there on the Interwebs to your attention. Frequently. Well, as frequently as I can now that I’m also Mr. Mom (more on that in a separate post).

I bring things to your attention, mostly, because I care. I care about you and I care about people doing interesting and cool things. So, if I can bring those elements together, I think the ten minutes or so I spend doing it is time well spent.

This time around the video in question is called Girl of Steel. It’s a Supergirl fan film with a great deal of promise. It’s good, in other words.

Watch it and enjoy.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNaQLxhQTyo?rel=0]

The Original 1967 ‘Wonder Woman’ Pilot


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: making TV (or movies for that mater) is hard. Well, making them isn’t that hard, but making them good, that’s the real trick.

Sadly, this video of the 1967 pilot (more of a pilot presentation really) for a Wonder Woman TV series, featuring Ellie Wood Walker as the titular heroine, falls into the “not good” category. In fact, it’s pretty much unwatchable.

I don’t know the full history of this, but I do know it was made by the same folks who made the 60’s Batman series starring Adam West and Burt Ward. So yes, it’s supposed to be campy.

I can take campy. Heck, I even like campy sometimes. But this, this is something else entirely.

I guess you should just judge for yourself. I can’t imagine why this didn’t get the green light to become a series.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tKZJVhn7M4?rel=0]