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Video Friday: ‘Super Mario Busters’

Today is Friday. I’m tired and I don’t feel 100%. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t share a video with you fine folks.

Today’s is an example of mashups done right. I present to you: Super Mario Busters. A mashup of Ghostbusters and Super Mario Brothers. Yep. Love this.


(h/t to Nerdsworth for today’s video)

Video Friday: ‘The Daly Show: The Daly Superheroes’ with Guests Nathan Fillion and Michael Rosenbaum

With all the content being produced these days it’s pretty much impossible to see it all. In fact, I’m lucky if I get to spend an hour or so a day looking for new things to watch let alone watching the programming I have to in order to write about it or review it for The Flickcast.

Fortunately, that’s one of the many things friends are for. This time around, my pal Rick Marshall pointed me to this particular episode of The Daly Show (not to be confused with The Daily Show with John Stewart) and I have to say, it’s pretty damn funny.

In case you’re not familiar, the show features the exploits of actor Tim Daly and his son Sam. Plus, they have special guests on each show. This episode’s guests? Nathan Fillion and Michael Rosenbaum.

Awesome? Yes.


Video Friday (Sunday Edition)

I’ve been busy (Again with the excuses, right?) and have been working hard to get The Flickcast on its feet. Now that the show and the site are going and we’re gathering some great writers to participate, I’m turning my attention to a new, better design for the site itself — which also takes some time and attention.

Of course, that means I’m still a bit neglectful of this here blog. Unfortunately, as I get older I find I can’t multi-task as well as I once did. Not that I was spectacular at it when I was younger, I just seem to be particularly bad at it now. But really, what does this mean for you O reader of this blog?

Basically, it means that while I’m distracted with the shiny new thing the not quite as shiny new thing is going to feel a bit neglected. Probably, so will you. My apologies but that’s just the way it is. Try not to take it personally. I won’t.

At this point, I really feel I’ve made enough excuses and introduced the horse to a sufficient beating so I think I’ll stop instead of my rambling on for several more sentences. What shall we do instead? Glad you asked. Seeing as its ‘Video Friday’, let’s take a look at a very funny video from your friends and mine Barats and Bereta. Enjoy.


Video Friday (Saturday Edition) – The New ‘Harry Potter’ Trailer

I’ve been busy getting the new venture, The Flickcast, on its digital feet. So that mean that this blog might suffer a bit. However, I have not forgotten it completely because here’s the latest trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

I’m not as big a fan of the Potter movies and books as other people are. I enjoy them but they haven’t become “part” of me like the books and movies I experienced when I was younger.

That said, this new trailer looks great and makes me even more interested in the movie when it comes out. In the end, that’s what a trailer is supposed to do. Enjoy.


Video Friday – The ‘Moon’ Trailer

I like space stuff. Some of my favorite movies and TV shows have been about space. Shows like Apollo 13, The Right Stuff and From the Earth to the Moon have always fascinated me. So, I’m pretty interested in the new movie Moon starring Sam Rockwell and directed by Duncan Jones.

The trailer looks great and gives some good insight into the psychology of isolation that’s obviously going to play out in the film. Plus, I’ve always been a fan of Sam Rockwell. I’m looking forward to seeing this one as soon as I can. Enjoy.


Oh, and I’ll just take this moment to mention that there’s a new episode of The Flickcast now available We’ve also we’ve started posting some other material today as well. So, head on over and check it out.

Video Friday (Saturday Edition) ‘Flying Dog Ale’

In the interest of blatant self-promotion (and promotion of my friends) here’s a commercial my friend Anthony Dalesandro directed as a spec. I also helped in a small way by coming up with the concept and producing the commercial for him. Enjoy.


Video Friday — Thursday SXSW Edition — Dennis Liu’s ‘Pretending to Work’

Yes folks, its true. I’m in the wonderful city of Austin, Texas for that melange of music/film/interactive goodness known as South by Southwest. Or, as all the cool kids refer to it: SXSW. I’m here covering the event for the fine folks at AOL/Weblogs who, on occasion, pay me to write about cool events such as this.

I do not complain about the weather or anything else when out at events like SXSW and always appreciate the opportunities afforded me as a member of the AOL/Weblogs team. Thank you benevolent AOL/Weblogs overlords for all that you do for me.

Okay, with that done, we can now get on to the business at hand and I can bring you a cool new video from innovative filmmaker Dennis Liu.

You may recall I interviewed Dennis for TUAW awhile back about his previous work, a music video for The Bird and the Bee’s song “Again and Again.” Now, Dennis is back with another Mac-centric short film which I find not only highly amusing but extremely innovative in its simplicity. Plus, it helps you find ways to watch porn at the office.

Putting it another way, this kid’s got chops.

Oh, before I forget, if you happen to be in Austin for SXSW, be sure to say hello. Also, I accept most offers of free beer and/or cookies. And cake. I like cake. But please, no pie. Sorry, you gotta draw the line somewhere and I draw it at pie.

Enjoy the video.


Video Friday – ‘Ad Guys’

Just like Mad Men, only funnier. Here’s episode one of Ad Guys, made by the dynamic comedy duo of Barats and Bereta. Go on, laugh a little. It won’t hurt you.