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One Very Expensive Crapper

And people think NASA and the federal government spend too much money on things. How about a $75,000 toilet? Fancy. Think this is crazy? Blame this guy for making it.

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The Shower Scene from Psycho

This is pretty funny and features some pretty good performances (at least by potato standards). Enjoy and happy Turkey Day all. 

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One Laptop Per Child

As I love laptops, am also pretty fond of children and education and OLPC seems like a worthy cause, I went ahead and donated. Feeling left out? Want to know how you can do something? Well, don’t worry as you … Continue reading

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Marvel Launches Digital Comics

Apparently, Marvel has decided to enter the 21st Century and is now offering comics online for you to read. Quite a few titles to choose from as well. What’s the catch? Well, it will cost you a monthly fee of … Continue reading

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WGA Strike by The Daily Show Writers

Really, at this point, what more could I add?   

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Testing the Ecto Beta

Just a quick post to test out the new Beta of Ecto, my blogging software of choice. So far, so good. Especially considering the last verion of the Beta would not talk to my blog at WordPress. Now, it does. … Continue reading

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