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‘Batman vs. The Terminator’


Time flies. Or is time a flat circle? I get those mixed up. Anyway, it’s been many days since I last put something here and I know it’s time to fix that. I do have an excuse, however. Personal stuff.

Yes, the dreaded “Family Emergency” rendered me unable to post during the recent past. Fortunately, things seem to be resolved for the moment, so I’m back now . . . with a vengeance.

Well, not so much a vengeance, really, more like a an impulse or a need. A need for speed. Or video.

That brings me, not so subtly, to today’s video: Batman vs. The Terminator. Yeah, it’s pretty much as cool as it sounds. Enjoy.


The D&D Animated Series Is 30 Years Old This Week


I still remember that day in 1983 when this show graced the Saturday Morning Cartoon airwaves. To be perfectly honest, I can’t remember for sure if I loved it or not. I think I did, but that was a long time ago.

No matter, it’s always fun to check out things from my past, especially the mostly innocent ones. Here’s a bit of the series in all of its 1983 glory.


How ‘Man of Steel’ Should Have Ended


I’m not sure I agree with everything in this video. However, I do appreciate the time and effort that went into making it by the folks at and it does raise some very good points.

So, if you’re one of the people who thought Man of Steel should have gone a bit differently, this just might be for you. Okay, who am I kidding, it never would have ended this way, especially not for a big Hollywood blockbuster. It’s just for fun.

But heck, it’s still pretty funny.

Also, while we’re on the subject of comics and movies (as we often are), I’ll be in San Diego later this week for Comic-Con. So, if you’re going to be there, be sure to say “Hello” if you see me.

I will also be posting some stuff here and over at The Flickcast during the show so be sure and look out for that. You don’t want to miss it.

Enjoy the video.


A ‘Blade Runner’ Speedrun for a Sunday


If I was going to make a list of my all-time favorite sci-fi movies, on that list would have to be Ridley’s Scott’s 1982 masterpiece Blade Runner. As I mentioned in a previous missive, the film made quite an impression on me as a young man.

I first saw it at a screening in San Diego in May of 1992, after having won tickets from a local radio station, and was treated to a version somewhat different from the finished product released to theaters the following month. It was an amazing experience.

I’ve watched it many time since that day and each time I enjoy it more. It’s definitely a movie worth seeing again and again.

Of course, not everyone has the time to watch entire movies. People have lives and schedules to keep. For those with limited free time, the Speedrun was invented.

Simply put, a Speedrun is an animated version of a popular film told in sixty seconds made by the talented folks at 1A4 Studio. This one is Blade Runner, as if you couldn’t guess.

Enjoy. Oh, it has some adult language, so be advised it’s probably NSFW.


Is ‘RWBY’ the Future of Animation?


Taking a break from all the iOS 7 hubbub, I came across this trailer for an upcoming animated series from the Rooster Teeth Network called RWBY. I think it looks pretty amazing, and it should.

The man behind it is none other than Monty Oum, whose work on Red vs. Blue: Revelation and Dead Fantasy pretty much defined what this kind of animation can be.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the RWBY trailer called “Black” right here. Is this the future of animation? It just may be.


‘The History of Typography’ – An Animated Short


Among the many reasons I consider myself a geek is my love of fonts and typography. I love the way type and graphics look when laid out properly on a page. I’m not sure where it comes from, but I’ve always been a big fan.

So, this animated short, made by Ben Barrett-Forrest, about the history of typography was very enjoyable for me. Perhaps you will enjoy it too.


The Live-Action ‘Star Blazers’ Movie Is In the Wild(Star)


When I was a kid, I used to watch an animated TV show called Star Blazers in the morning before going to school. It was a great show and I really enjoyed it. Well, it was great to me at the time anyway.

Later, I learned it was actually called Space Cruiser Yamato in Japan (the Star Blazers title attached to it in the States to capitalize on the popularity of Star Wars no doubt) and in the years since I first watched, it has become quite popular in Japan and spawned several animated movies and seasons of TV.

More recently, they made a live-action version of the series. I posted a trailer for it awhile back. It was released last year in Japan and has now found its way online.

It’s also available on DVD and Blu-ray, if you can find it. I managed to order a copy from Amazon. We’ll see if it actually arrives.

Until then, there’s always YouTube (or the eventual American remake supposedly being written by Chris McQuarrie).

Enjoy. I did.


The Joy of Books

I’ve read quite a few books in my time and I still enjoy reading them today. Over the last few years I’ve spent more time reading them digitally on the Kindle or iPad than reading actual, physical, bound bunches of paper.

It’s a trade off. I love physical books but I also love being able to take ten of them on vacation with me in a device a bit larger than one of them. I’m sure there will always be books printed and bound for collectors to purchase. I don’t know if mass market books are long for this world, however.

That makes me kinda sad. To cheer me up, I found this video made by a husband and wife who obviously love books even more that I do.

Enjoy it. I know I did.


Video Friday – The Sherman and Mr. Peabody Backstory

The story I never knew as a child can now be told. It’s the Sherman and Mr. Peabody backstory. Also known as: How a dog found his boy. Enjoy.