Some of the tools I use to get work done & have some fun.

(Updated February 9, 2020)


Apple 13″ MacBook Air – Dual Core i7, 512GB SSD, 8GB RAM. Great machine.

Apple 21.5″ iMac – Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB Fusion Drive. Another great machine.

Apple iPhone XR – Upgraded from the iPhone 7 (finally) to this. I like the larger screen and its a lot faster. The camera is quite good too. So, a pretty great upgrade.

Apple iPad – I use this for a lot of things these days: writing, YouTube, email, reading, etc.  Considering an upgrade to the iPad Pro. But for now, this one does the job.

Olympia SM3 – Yes, I also use a typewriter. This one was made in West Germany (in the 50’s) and, after a bit of TLC, works great. If you haven’t tried a typewriter before, do it. You just might love it.


Apple Mail – It has some issues, but I still use it for most of my email accounts. I also use Apple’s Calendar and Contacts apps because I’m used to them and they’re adequate for my needs.

Dropbox – I had left the fold for a bit (for Google), but now I’m back. It’s just so useful I couldn’t stay away.

Final Draft – One of the best screenplay writing software available for OS X and the iPad.

Highland 2 – I used to be a die hard Final Draft user, but this software from noted writer and podcaster John August is really growing on me. In fact, I kinda love it. Great for screenplays, novels or whatever you want to write.

Pixelmator – A great photo editing and cropping/resizing tool I use every day on the Mac.

Transmit – The best FTP software available for OS X.

Ulysses – I still use this for older projects that are already written with it, but for new stuff I’ve pretty much transitioned to Highland 2. Still, this software is pretty great. I just prefer Highland 2. It works better for the way I like to do do things.

Photo Gear


Leica M6 – I’m shooting mostly film (and black & white in particular) these days. Simply put, I prefer the process of it and I find the results more pleasing. This camera is wonderful, especially when combined with a great lens like the Leica Summicron 50mm 2.0 or the Zeiss 35mm 2.8. Most of my favorite photos were taken with this camera.

Nikon FM2n – My other favorite film camera. This one’s a tank. Works great with the Nikon 50mm 1.4, which is what I have mounted on it 90% of the time.

Kodak Tri-X – A classic for as long as I’ve been alive.

Ilford HP5 – I’ve always been pretty much 100% Tri-X, but this film is growing on me. Plus, it’s less expensive than Tri-X, which doesn’t hurt.

Polaroid OneStep 2 – A cool Polaroid camera from the gang at Polaroid Originals. I really like it. Read my review for more about this camera.


Sold all my digital cameras and am now 100% film. Except, of course, for photos taken with my phone. Well, the real truth is we do have one or two digital cameras around, we just don’t take them out unless absolutely necessary.

Lightroom – In the past I used Photoshop all the time, but now Lightroom is pretty much all I use. But I still have Photoshop  . . just in case.

Pens, Pencils, Paper

Field Notes Notebooks – I use a notebook all the time. These rock and are small enough to take pretty much anywhere. I always have one (or three) handy, just in case.

Baron Fig Confidant – I haven’t given up on Rhodia but these notebooks from Baron Fig are my new favorites. They are just the right size with great paper. They are awesome.

Rhodia Webnotebook – I love the way they’re put together and how well the paper holds pencils or ink. Beautiful notebooks that are a pleasure to use.

Grids + Lines Idea Journal – These notebooks from Doane Paper are a new favorite. I use them for planning projects, sketching and more. They’re great.

Palomino Blackwing 602. Sure, these pencils may look kinda weird, but they write nice. I’m also a big fan of the pencil below.

General’s Test Scoring 580 – I love this pencil. I use it every day. Goes very well with the Baron Fig Confidant or the Field Notes.

Uni-ball 207 – My favorite gel pen.

Lamy Safari – Relatively inexpensive and a great fountain pen to write with. My new favorite. I have a few. You should have one too.

Kweco AL Sport – Another great fountain pen. Small, but mighty. I take it pretty much everywhere and it writes great.

Support & Motivation

MoccaMaster Coffee Maker – This amazing coffee maker from the Netherlands is the ultimate device to make coffee at home. I use it each and every day.

Baratza Preciso – If you make coffee at home, you need a good coffee grinder. This one does the job very well.

Sonos Music System – Combine the Sonos hardware with Spotify or iTunes and you’ve got the ultimate home music system I use every day. I particularly love the Sonos Playbar. It’s pretty amazing.


Victorinox Swiss Army Cadet in Black Alox – I think you should always have a pocket knife. They really come in handy. This is my current EDC. Besides its stainless steel blade, it also has the requisite bottle opener, small screw driver and nail file, just in case.


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One More Thing

The above are all things I personally use and paid for with my own money. No company or individual has provided consideration in any form to influence my opinion. If they had, I would disclose it. Just so you know.