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Video Friday — Thursday SXSW Edition — Dennis Liu’s ‘Pretending to Work’

Yes folks, its true. I’m in the wonderful city of Austin, Texas for that melange of music/film/interactive goodness known as South by Southwest. Or, as all the cool kids refer to it: SXSW. I’m here covering the event for the fine folks at AOL/Weblogs who, on occasion, pay me to write about cool events such as this.

I do not complain about the weather or anything else when out at events like SXSW and always appreciate the opportunities afforded me as a member of the AOL/Weblogs team. Thank you benevolent AOL/Weblogs overlords for all that you do for me.

Okay, with that done, we can now get on to the business at hand and I can bring you a cool new video from innovative filmmaker Dennis Liu.

You may recall I interviewed Dennis for TUAW awhile back about his previous work, a music video for The Bird and the Bee’s song “Again and Again.” Now, Dennis is back with another Mac-centric short film which I find not only highly amusing but extremely innovative in its simplicity. Plus, it helps you find ways to watch porn at the office.

Putting it another way, this kid’s got chops.

Oh, before I forget, if you happen to be in Austin for SXSW, be sure to say hello. Also, I accept most offers of free beer and/or cookies. And cake. I like cake. But please, no pie. Sorry, you gotta draw the line somewhere and I draw it at pie.

Enjoy the video.


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