The Christmas Spirit (or spirits, as the case may be)


yes, its that time of year. as i have said on more than one occasion, the holidays bring me mixed emotions. am i happy? am i sad? am i blue? are you? i don’t really know. i guess the real shame of it all is that i am not a kid anymore.

as a kid, the holidays were much more fun. you got presents after waiting up most of the night to catch a glimpse of santa clause and it seemed like a time of infinite possibilities. as an adult, not so much. i guess the next best thing would be to have a kid myself. that way, i could experience the holiday’s from their perspective. through their eyes. that might be something. i guess i should look into that.

in other news, this guy seems, i don’t know, nuts. take a look and you be the, um, judge.

how about some ‘nog? cheers.

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