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Xmas post game

ok, its the day after christmas. anyone get anything good? i got socks and underwear. plus, some shirts and some other clothes. i remember being a kid and hating it when i got underwear or socks for christmas. it was all toys, toys, toys for me (still is, really).

although now, as a more “mature” person, i really understand the need for clean underwear. so, thanks mom and dad. and thanks to all who called, wrote or whatevered to wish me and mine a happy holidays. much appreciated.

now that i have said the above, i just wanted to point out that i am trying out a new blogging tool. its a firefox extension called performancing and so far, its pretty cool. this post was made with it even. i don’t know if it will replace ecto as my blog tool of choice as i really love it and have gotten used to it. but, its nice to be able to see something online and then grab it and put it into a post. not that i’ve done that here but i will.

happy boxing day all.

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