Megan Fox and Marissa Miller

As it happens to be Wednesday and I haven’t done it in some time, here’s a few photos of two of my favorite females — Megan Fox and Marissa Miller. Megan’s photos are from a recent GQ shoot and Marissa’s are from a recent shoot for Malibu Magizine.

At the moment, as I’ve tragically never met either of them, I can only admire them for their looks. Which is one of the main reasons I feel like sharing these pictures. I’m sure, if I met them and got to know them better, I would find that in addition to their stunning looks, they are also both intelligent, funny, generous and all-around fantastic human beings. Until then, I’ll just have to be content to think they just both look fantastic.







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One Response to Megan Fox and Marissa Miller

  1. BuScooby says:

    I have to be honest. The brunette doesn’t wow me, but the blonde is super duper hot. I mean seriously, the blonde is so hot, I want to have sex with her. Do you need a moment?

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