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“Operation: Timewarp”

Still in Encinitas and vicinity. Took a little more time looking around after lunch (went to Roberto’s in Solana Beach this time. Still great Carne Asada). I find it odd or ironic or both that the Solana Beach City Hall used to be a bar. Actually, not really a bar, exactly, but a nightclub. Many years ago it opened up as a wannabe trendy spot where the elite of North County could meet, eat, greet and get their drink on. For those who don’t know, “North County” is a colorful name given to those communities in “North” San Diego County. Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Cardiff, Leucadia, etc. Kind of like when newscasters in LA refer to that area as “The Southland”

Sadly, like many great ideas, the nightclub failed miserably. I can’t remember exactly how long the place was open, or even its name for that matter, but it wasn’t long. A few months maybe. Then, oblivion. It was an abandoned building for some time until Solana Beach decided to make it respectable as the seat of city government. Good for them, I say. It makes perfect sense that it would have been a nightclub considering how many times me and mine drank within the city limits. Maybe they found that twenty bucks I lost in the bathroom. If so, put it to good use I say.

I was thinking about the past some more. Maybe I am getting nostalgic or something but I feel like getting in touch with people I haven’t seen or spoken to in many years. Not for anything in particular, just to see what’s what. Some of these lucky SOB’s include Rob, Sean, Becca, Chris, Marie, Robin, Kelly and maybe a few others. Some may not want to hear from me. Probably a great percentage of them, truthfully. That’s ok though. It will be interesting to find out what happened to some of these people. I hope nothing too bad. Well, maybe for one or two (just kidding).

People that you grow up with seem pretty important at the time. Sometimes they stay important and sometimes they don’t. I have not been very good at keeping in touch with people. I wish I was. But life seems to intrude on the things you really want to do. Or, maybe I am just lazy. Will I get any responses from this new attempt? Will people be happy to hear from me? Will they be rude and tell me to go away? Will I eat pie for dessert today? We shall see.


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