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Home again, home again

Made it back to good old Los Angeles. The place I now call home (for the last nine years). Even though I went down to where I grew up I didn’t feel like that was really “home” anymore. It isn’t. I like it there, don’t get me wrong. There are many things to like. There are also many things to like about LA.

I know what you are thinking, how can there be anything to like about LA? Its crowded, smoggy, people are rude, no culture, crime, riots, OJ and all of that stuff. Some of that is true. We have definitely had our share of weirdos and weird happenings here.

However, there are also many things to like than dislike. First off, I have met so many great people here. Yes, many of them are in the Entertainment Industry and some are odd in their own way but all of them are genuinely caring, creative and passionate people. Plus, they are all pretty smart to boot.

As I get older I find that I enjoy some intelligent discussion about the news of the day or technology or politics or the merit of low-rise jeans. I also enjoy a good beer and good wine and good food. All of which LA has in abundance. Not to mention the girls with the low-rise jeans.

They have even vastly improved Hollywood Blvd and vicinity. It used to be a dump, now its quite nice with the Hollywood and Highland mall complex and the Kodak theater, home of the Academy Awards. The transformation is much like Times Square in New York. If you were there for the before, it is amazing what they have done to it. It’s clean and family friendly just like Hollywood Blvd. is now. So, stop by and bring the kids.

Let me end this (gotta watch the Soprano’s finale) by recommending a great Steak Restaurant. It’s actually not in LA proper but in Panadena, which is close. It is called the Arroyo Chophouse and it is probably the best place to get meat I have ever been. If you are in the area and have the means you should definitely go there. One thing, it isn’t cheap so bring some cash and be ready to eat. It’s worth it. I go there for my birthday every year.

I will talk more about LA spots as these entries progress. Not that this is meant to be a travelogue or anything. I just feel I would like LA to get a better rap out there in the world. I think sometimes it gets a raw deal and I want to help dispel that. Besides, its a pretty cool place to live. And did I mention the jeans?


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