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I cannot believe how much the Lakers sucked. It is unreal to me. To watch a team that has won so many championships and has so much talent just piss it away is amazing to me. Actually, I think it wasn’t al the Lakers doing. I have to hand it to Larry Brown, coach of the Pistons. He took a look at the Lakers and then told his guys how to shut them down. And shut them down they did. Kobe Bryant with only one point in the entire first half of any game is difficult to believe. That it happened in game three of the finals is unreal.

I have to admit that when I was growing up I didn’t think too much about basketball. I was a football and tennis guy (sometimes golf). It was the Lakers that got me interested in basketball. Their love of the game and excellence at it made me love the game too. Guys like Kareem, Magic, A.C. and Worthy made me a fan. Now, I don’t know what to think. I guess I will think that it was just a fluke and move on. I hope the Lakers do too.

This will be a short one as I have just returned from a long drive to Redondo Beach to see my friend Kris. She and her fiance got a house there. It’s quite a drive from beautiful, downtown Sherman Oaks where your humble writer resides. However, I had work in Santa Monica today so I decided to make the trek. I also felt bad that I had missed their housewarming party as I was in New Orleans at the time. So, I went. It’s far, even from Santa Monica.

But, once you get there it is really quite nice. And an added bonus, they have only lived there for three months but they already know all the bartenders and the best bars. Obviously, they have their priorities straight. Good for them. Kris deserves to be happy and I think she finally will be so that’s good.

Ok, getting sleepy. Too many cocktails. Although, I was good and waited quite some time so I would not be under the influence when driving home. I made it home safely (obviously, or I wouldn’t be writing this) so I feel that is a shout out to my newfound responsible side. So, kudos to me.

Man, I really hate this keyboard. I gotta get a better one. Apple, what were you thinking with this piece of crap? The keys suck and it is very uncomfortable. Three grand for a computer and they stick you with a crap keyboard and a piece of shit one-button mouse. Come on Apple, get your shit together. Come into the new world. Two-button mice are ok and people actually like to type on their keyboards not just look at them and say “ohhh, white, pretty”.

I don’t usually say many negative things about Apple but sometimes their shit really pisses me off. I’m sure if Steve wanted two-button mice there would be two-button mice but not until then. That’s one of the big problems with companies that are driven by the vision of one person. It’s great when that vision is good but hell when that vision is missing the mark. Another case in point is George Lucas. Now, before I say anything about Mr. Lucas, understand that it was Star Wars that made me realize what movies could be. I and many others were captivated by the magic and still are, to a lesser extent, today.

The problem is that George has all the money and controls every bit of the process. There isn’t anyone around to say ” Come on George, Jar Jar Binks for fucks sake? Are you kidding me with this shit”. And God, we all wish their had been. Maybe there were people who had problems with “The Phantom Menace” or “Attack of the Clones” but they sure were not at the creative table. They were mostly in the audience.

When one person is in charge and won’t listen to other opinions, you tend to get into a little trouble. We all wished that the two latest Star Wars movies had been as magical as the original. Maybe it isn’t George’s fault at all. Maybe we just don’t believe in magic anymore?

No, I blame George. Although I will be seeing the next one on opening day, just in case. Maybe it will be the surprise we all hope for.


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