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News and other bits

Two entries today. My, I am prolific. If only the quality of the content was related to the amount. Sometimes it is on sites more eloquent than this one. Sometimes it isn’t. However, as I am biased in favor of, well, me, I will say that what I offer is first-rate and should be considered such.

Now, on with the news. First off, Time Magazine no less has an interesting article on the power of the blog. If time can embrace this, why can’t you? Why are you not blogging up a storm? Afraid you don’t have anything interesting to say? That certainly doesn’t stop people from blogging their little hearts out.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it makes them look like an ass. So, in that spirit, blog away America. Anyway, you can find the Time article here.

I find it interesting that Time has picked up on this. Doesn’t that serve to legitimize blogging? Or, doesn’t that really mean that blogging will now be over as we know it? Soon, kids on “The Real World” will be doing it. Then, there will be a new reality series on Fox where teams of bloggers compete for valuable cash and prizes while having to eat disgusting things like squid or eel or jump through a ring of fire. Perhaps Donald Trump will be involved? We can only be so lucky.

Oh well, I guess we should just enjoy it while it lasts. I wonder what the next cool thing will be? Maybe we will all go back to getting together at the local and talking shit. You know, fact to face communication. It might help. It’s much easier to say bad things about someone via e-mail or a blog than to say those things to someone’s face.

See, like this. I can say “George Bush is a ass” or “the Lakers play like crap” and its easy because I am somewhat anonymous on my blog. Sure, you have a picture of me and an e-mail but really, what does that get you? You can send a nasty e-mail to me and I can just delete it. Or, I can subscribe you to various child-porn sites so that you get spammed to death and then the cops burst in and haul you pedophile ass to jail.

Now, if we were in the same room I might think twice about trashing our President or the Lakers. Well, at least the Lakers. That’s the great thing about this country and really, one of the main reasons other countries hate us so much. And make no mistake, other countries hate us.

We are hated because we have freedom. The United States is almost unique in the world in that I can pretty much say or do anything I want and nobody has the right to stop me. In other countries, like China for example, I could be jailed or worse for expressing my views on this blog. In fact, in China, may people can’t even get to the internet at all. Or, if they can, many websites that the government deems “unacceptable’ are blocked. And don’t even think about having a site that criticizes the government.

We are all very, very lucky that we live where we do and have the things that we have. Even if you are unemployed with two kids and are on welfare, you still have it better than most people living in Iraq or India or some other country like that.

What am I trying to say? Why, only my opinion of course. Expressed freely right here. In the USA.

Is this a great country or what?


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