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What the hell?

Ok, I don’t claim to be an expert at sports, or anything else for that matter, but it looks to me like the Lakers got their asses handed to them. What a bunch of clowns. Who the hell do they think they are?

This is what happens when ego and money ruin sports. I am going to go out a limb here and say that athletes get paid to much money. You are just putting a round object into another round object. It’s not like one of them is square or something. Your round object fits easily. Why do I need to pay you so much? Also, while I’m on the subject, how come tickets to a Laker game cost so much money? Well, that’s for another time.

I also think that actors get paid too much money too. Don’t get me wrong, I like money as much as the next person. Unless that person is Donald Trump or something and then he beats me for sure. It’s just that it seems like money and the quest for it have basically ruined some pretty good things that I used to like. Movies, Sports, TV, that stuff.

The Lakers have all the talent in the world and should have won easily. What they don’t have is heart. The Pistons? They have heart coming out of every pore of their bodies. As much as I dislike the Pistons, they deserved to win and they played like champions. The Lakers played like a bunch of guys who felt like the world owes them something and they were only willing to work so hard to get it.

But surprise, if you don’t work for it you don’t get it. The Pistons worked for it, wanted it and are winners. The Lakers are losers and they acted like losers. For the record, I am not a fair-weather fan. When my team loses, I take it in stride because I know they tried their best. This time, they just didn’t give a shit and that sucks. There’s always next year. Maybe some of the lazy, egotistical jackasses will become free agents and the kids who really want to play will get a chance. Let’s hope so.

Ok, enough about the Lakers. They don’t deserve any more of my time or your time. In other news, the panel that was investigating the link between Iraq and Al Queda released a report today that says they can find no link between Iraq and Al Queda. Well, big surprise there. I pretty much assumed that they were not working together. Despite what our honchos in Washington would have us believe.

More details can be found here. It also goes on to say that many of the things that people in our government have been saying about 911 were basically fabrication and “will have to be corrected”. Meaning that our favorite leaders are basically full of it and that one of their main justifications for going to war with Iraq has so may holes in it you can drive a lifted H2 Hummer through it and still have room for a MiniCooper. Man I love our President and his gang. What a great bunch of guys.

Let’s hope that the people of this country wise up and send that guy and his buddies packing back to Texas or wherever come this November. John Kerry is looking better and better. Anyone, really, is looking better and better. Maybe will we get a Kerry / Edwards ticket? I think I could get behind that. Oh well, more news and whatnot later as I must go to the airport and pick up the wife. She comes back tonight.

I guess I’ll have to clean the place up and put the toilet seat down again. With all that, I’m still happy she is coming home. The place just isn’t the same when I’m here alone. Alone is nice, like many things, in moderation. But sometimes, its nice to have people around too. Well, sometimes.


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