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One more thing.

I just wanted to see the ease with which I can post from my Windows laptop. Usually, I use either my Apple Powerbook or my Apple Dual 2Ghz G5. At this moment, I am using the Dell Latitude D600 laptop. It’s a nice computer and would be great for me if the Mac wasn’t around. Some of my work involves dealing with Windows so I need to be up on the latest Windows lore.

Besides, even with its problems, Windows still works pretty well for what I am doing with it. I do most of the heavy lifting with one of my Macs so I don’t push the PC’s very hard. I do have another Windows box for gaming and backup for the laptop. I also have an XBox. All of this stuff makes me a pretty large Microsoft consumer. Although I still spend more on Apple products in a year than I do on Microsoft so I guess that’s something.

Well, this is a short one as we need to go watch the latest episode of “Six Feet Under”. It’s a good show. I really miss “Deadwood” already though. Why did those co*****kers at HBO make so few episodes? Maybe they will make more next season. We can only hope. I will get into a further discussion regarding the merits of “Deadwood” at a later time.

Suffice to say, if you can stand that colorful language (putting it mildly) you will really enjoy the great acting, compelling storylines and interesting characters. All in all a fantastic show. Be sure to check it out as it still runs several times a week on HBO. It’s shows like “Deadwood” that make it worthwhile to shell out cash every month for television. You definitely get what you are paying this time.

For some fun reading about your favorite shows, check out the reviews and commentary at Television Without Pity. They really know how to get to the heart of the matter. Most of the time I agree with their reviews and comments. Sometimes, however, they completely miss the mark. Much like life that way, I guess. Either way, good fun.


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