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A Tiger in your computer


So, I’m using the new version of OSX, code named “Tiger“. Now, as I am an Apple developer and card-carrying member of the Apple Consultants Network (we don’t really have cards it just sounds cool) I will not be able to say much about it as I am probably not supposed to. Actually, i think I signed an NDA somewhere along the line but I can’t recall when.

Anyway, I will say that there are some very interesting features which were discussed at the latest developer event that now that I have a chance to use them, have proved interesting but not, sorry to say, overwhelming.

Maybe in future revisions there will be more in the way of the proverbial “bells and whistles”. Right now, there are a few and a few more with potential. So, will “Tiger” live up to the hype and more importantly, be worth another $129.00 to upgrade? Good question. I don’t have a firm answer on that one yet.

If I had to answer right now, gun to my head, I would say probably not, for the “average user”. As Panther has developed and been updated it has proven to be very good and stable to work with. It also has many more features than the “average user” will probably need. Right now, I don’t know that “Tiger” will provide anything more substantial to warrant the upgrade. Unless you have a G5 or are planning on getting one by the time “Tiger” is shipped.

If you are, the speed increase from a more finely-tuned OS optimized for the G5 will be something that many people want. For me, I will get the software from Apple and so will be upgrading. However, I won’t have to fork over the dough for it so it is easier for me to want to upgrade. Time will tell for the rest of Apple’s user base.

Anyway, just wanted to say that I was having fun trying out “Tiger”. More on this new breed of cat as I am able. Until then.


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