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Rinse, repeat

Everyone, listen up and repeat after me “John Kerry and John Edwards, John Kerry and John Edwards, John Kerry and John Edwards, John Kerry and John Edwards . . .” Am I getting through to you?

Ok, now go out and tell everyone you know to get off their asses come this November and vote for . . .wait for it . . . you guessed it: John Kerry and John Edwards. You may have heard that John Kerry picked a running mate. Yes, its John Edwards. Yes, I’m happy about it. And yes, for the first time in several years I feel optimistic about this country’s future.

For more info on John Kerry or John Edwards, click away. You may even want to give them a buck or two. They probably don’t need it as they are both very wealthy with the largest amount of campaign funds in many years. But hey, its the thought that counts.

That’s pretty much all I have to say at this moment except that it didn’t surprise me in the least (or anyone else I suspect) that the Bush campaign instantly attacked John Edwards. I love the fact that they go instantly to the negative. They must have had adds ready for each potential Kerry pick. I bet they thought they were being cleaver or practicing good campaign strategery (as Mr. Bush is fond of saying).

To me, they just look desperate. Desperate and lashing out. I hope that people see through their bullshit and send them packing. Like I said, today I feel optimistic. I feel like things are going to get better. I expect to feel this way for at least a day or maybe two. Then, things will most likely go back in the crapper.

It will be fun while it lasts.


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