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One more thing

I always forget something. Getting old is great. What’s next, diapers? Anyway, I just wanted to comment on more of the Bush campaign’s great strategery. John Stewart also did some funny bits on this during the recent “Daily Show”. Not watching “The Daily Show”? You should be, its funny.

Homeland Security Czar Tom Ridge announced that Al Queda is planning a major terrorist attack to disrupt the coming elections. This announcement actually included no real information as to the type of attack or the timing of an atttack. Actually, Mr. Ridge basically had no information whatsoever but did say that they were working very hard, gathering intelligence to stop the coming threat. All under the guidance of President Bush. Now i feel much safer.

Call me jaded or paranoid but I can’t help feeling that this announcement had pretty coincidental timing given that on the same day John Kerry and John Edwards made their first public appearance together as running mates. All that the Homeland security announcement was meant to do was to divert our attention from Kerry and focus it on our eminent death. Way to go Tom Ridge.

Are people actually going to fall for this kind of stuff? I hope not. Fear is one of the ways people in charge stay in charge. If you are afraid and thinking about your own safety, you are less likely to think about the crappy job they are doing and the fact that you are only afraid now because the people in charge didn’t do their job in the first place.

Let’s go into this thing with our eyes open at least, shall we? As I am so jaded I will say that I don’t expect the Democratic side to be free of mud-slinging and negativity. It’s just the nature of the system. I do hope they do it with a tad more finesse though. . . Hey, I can dream, can’t I?


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