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Saturday Blogging

Recently, I went to a party that was a showcase for emerging commercial directors. Mostly, I went to support my friend Anthony who is an emerging commercial director. What does it mean to be an emerging commercial director you may ask? It means that you have the mad skills but nobody has discovered that yet. At least nobody who will pay you to direct commercials.

So what do emerging commercial directors do to become fully emerged commercial directors? They make spec spots. And lots of them. If you don’t know, a spec spot is a commercial that you, the emerging commercial director, pay for yourself. Using Anthony as an example, he has made several spec spots (with the producing help of your humble writer) and they are proudly displayed at his website, which is here.

Go take a look. They look and sound like real commercials that you can see on your TV every day (unless you are like me and have Tivo and fast-forward through them). The point is that some Ad agency flack might see one of these spec spots and decide that you might have the chops to make real commercials. It’s basically a really expensive job interview that you pay for yourself. That’s why I love showbiz.

On another note, almost done with all the work at Heal the Bay. I think it went pretty well and everyone seems to be happy with the new stuff. So, kudos to me and my guys for making it work. And a special thanks to Peter T. for being a great guy to work with. If he wasn’t so cool, the job would have been much harder.

Oh, I forgot to mention the group that sponsored the emerging commercial director’s coming out party. It a group of people called Group 101 Films that spun off a group called Group 101 Spots (see, it all comes back to spots).

Anyway, you’ll understand better if you just go to the websites. Other than that, gotta go. Mexican food time.


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