It’s Tuesday so that means

It’s the second day of the Democratic National Convention. This is the place where all the major Dems gather to tell us why their ideas are better than the other guys and also where they anoint the team that will make a run for the Presidency. Really, why bother with al of this? We all know who is going to be the Democratic team that is running for President. Does anyone think it will be Al Sharpton or Ralph Nader? Probably not.

Instead, let’s just focus on getting the Kerry/Edwards message out and have them come to the stage and say what they have to say. This whole process could be over in one day instead of four. Do we really need to hear four days of speeches? Although, it was nice to hear from President Carter. He’s still pretty spry for an 80-year-old.

Really though, four days? If it wasn’t for all the bashing of the other guys I might be able to watch more of it. Does anyone really believe that the Democrats are going to do anything other than promote their ideas and say how stupid (not in so many words) the other guys are. I think President Clinton said it best with his “Strength and Wisdom are not mutually exclusive” statement. That was pretty good. Still, four days is quite a bit.

I guess the real problem for me is that they are preaching to the converted or insert colorful metaphor here. I am already going to vote for John Kerry and John Edwards. Done deal. I can’t think of anyone who isn’t except maybe my parents who are old school republicans, much to my disappointment.

I think they vote republican because they have always voted republican not because of the issues, necessarily. Although my parents are pretty smart so I don’t know. We try not to get into very many political discussions. It never goes well.

The good news is that we have the Republican convention to look forward to in a few weeks. Whatever the Democrats say here I’m sure will be expertly countered by the brain-trust that is our current administration. It will probably be something to the tune of “oh yeah, so what” or something equally brilliant.

Sadly, their are still people in this country who love George Bush. I feel for them. I really do. Although, they probably think I’m stupid for voting Democrat. Oh yeah, so what?


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