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Lazy Saturday

It’s Saturday and I’m sleepy. Just had lunch at Mo’s and I ate too much so now I feel like sleeping. Fortunately, we are going to Starbucks and I will be able to get the much-needed jolt I require to make it through the rest of the day. It’s sad, really, that it has come to this. I go to Starbucks pretty much every day, at least once.

On average, my drink, an iced, grande, soy, two-pump mocha costs about four bucks. So, if I go to get one at least once a day every weekday, that’s 20 bucks a week or 100 bucks a month. That can add up. I never thought that much about it but that’s at least 1200 bucks a year. My car insurance isn’t that much and I live in Los Angeles. Interesting.

I’m sure Starbucks appreciates my business. If I’m a typical patron then It’s no wonder that I see a new Starbucks pop up on almost every corner of any town I visit. I even saw one in India when I was there so how about that? The most blatant was when I was in Vancouver a few years ago and on one corner of a four-way intersection was a Starbucks and on the opposite corner was another one. The best part: they were both packed with people.

Back then, I didn’t understand the need for the fix. I wasn’t a junkie then. I actually don’t think I am addicted now I just like to go and get a drink. It’s more of a social thing much of the time. I go with people and hang out. Or, I take the laptop as I am now and write something in the blog or check e-mail or whatever.

I do have one big problem with Starbucks, though. They charge way to much for internet access. It’s pretty lame, actually. It’s probably T-Mobile’s fault, the bastards. There are places in LA where I can go and get free internet and coffee but I don’t go there. Even though I think the price is a rip-off I still use it, as I am now.

What the hell is wrong with me? To answer that would take way too much time and goes beyond just Starbucks so we will leave the self-analysis for another time. I can hear the collective sigh of relief now.

I think it really comes down to the fact that their are more cute girls at Starbucks. Or, I actually like the coffee. It might be both. It probably is. Plus, they have big chairs so that’s nice too. And, they let you hang out all day for the price of one drink. All that’s great and must be the reasons.

No, it’s probably just the girls.


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