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So what?

Ok, here’s an entry. So what? Fine, I’ll try. For fun, I went to the Electronic Arts party last night. EA makes a crap-load of video games including many sports titles and other FPS (first-person-shooter) games that I play. It was fun.

Why was I at a party for a company that makes video games you may ask? Because of the free beer and food. Duh? Really, I was there because a good friend was putting on the party for EA so I got the hookup. Also, there is a remote possibility that I may do some work in one form or another for EA so that was the other reason for attending. Cash.

If I had any complaints I would say that my main one was the fact that the attendees consisted mostly of dudes. Many of them pizza-faced and pale from too many hours playing a LAN game of “Battlefield:Vietnam” or far too many hours of “Everquest”. Or, as many people refer to it: “EverCrack”.

I realize that they comprise the majority of game players and game makers but for my money I prefer a few more females, if only for something more interesting to look at. My other complaint was that some of the food wasn’t fantastic. But again, it was free so I did not nor will I ever complain to anyone. I’m not stupid, I want to be invited back.

It’s a very nice “campus” as they call it complete with fitness center, cafeteria, full-size basketball court and all the other perks that while on the surface seem cool but if you think about it are really there so you don’t have an excuse to go home very often. What they want, and I would be prepared to give, is a long-term commitment of time and energy.

It’s much like the movie business in that the games are to be released on a certain day in time for the xmas rush or whatever and you will make that deadline even if it means sleeping, eating, working out and shitting at the office. Oh, the restrooms were very clean and well-appointed as well. FYI.

I don’t have a problem with this approach as long as everyone knows what they are getting into. People are adults, for the most part, and have to take responsibility for their own decisions, no matter how stupid they may be.

Hey, we are all stupid sometimes. Just look at those morons who are doing the anti-Kerry add calling themselves “Swift-Boat Crews for Truth” or some similar bullshit. I bet they feel pretty stupid. At least I hope they do. Man, I hope they do. . .


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