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Playing the waiting game

So, that thing I mentioned a few posts ago that I was waiting to hear about, I heard about. One thing isn’t going to work out but another thing is still in the running. So, I’m still waiting. Now, however, I need to see some more people and then have them decide if I’m cool enough for school.

Whatever the outcome, it was an interesting process. I have not gone through this process in my entire life. It’s all new to me so therefore, not annoying and pretty interesting. I still don’t want to divulge what I am talking about for fear of something happening or not happening. I’ve just been conditioned over the years not to talk about things until they actually happen. So, there it is.

I think its just a defense mechanism to prevent me from investing too much into something for fear of being disappointed. Although it doesn’t always work as evidenced by the last week or so and my troubles going to sleep. Too much thinking going on. Not always good. I guess I really will never learn.

Ok, enough of that, let’s talk about some news and tech stuff:

Happy birthday Alfred Hitchcock. One of the greatest film directors of all time. Windows XP Service Pack 2 is now available through Windows Update. However, some problems have been reported. Might be worth waiting a bit before upgrading. I’m going to try it today and see what happens.

Jeffrey Lee Parsons, a 19-year-old from Minnesota, has plead guilty to creating and spreading the Blaster-B worm. He based it on the original Blaster whose author remains at-large. Parsons is not the brightest banana in the bunch – he simply rewrote the original virus to make it nastier, and then distributed it under his own chat handle, making it easy for cops to track him down. It’s unlikely they’ll ever catch the guy (or gal) who really started it.

DVD Jon is at it again. First he breaks the CSS encryption on DVDs, then he cracks the iTunes Music Store copy protection, now he claims to have broken the encryption in Apple’s Airport Express Wi-Fi device, allowing it to be used for more than just iTunes music sharing.

Google’s Initial Public Offering was almost delayed again, this time because founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin have revealed too much in the pages of Playboy. The auction is scheduled to begin today amid fears that the interview may have violated the SEC mandated Quiet Period. No action has been forthcoming from the SEC so if you registered in time, point your browsers to and let the bidding begin.

Oh, and I think the Olympics are going on. The USA has won a few medals for swimming and some other stuff. I have a hard time watching the Olympics because I can’t stand the other things that are shown besides the sports. I just want the sports. I don’t need the tales of human tragedy that it took to get to the Olympics. I just want to watch the sports.

The other thing that puzzles me and angers me is that NBC is showing something like 2000 hours of Olympic coverage. How many hours of the democratic National Convention did they show? 3. Something’s wrong there. Is it because NBC is owned by General Electric and GE is a big Bush supporter? I’m sure that’s not it.


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