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Post oddness

I don’t know why the previous post was all bunched together like it is. Curious. I guess that’s the difference between the Macintosh and Windows versions of ecto. Bummer. I hate it when its all mushed together like that. I guess I will get over it.

Before I forget, go check out The Red Venus Love Army at their website. They are a cool band based in Portland and are starting to get noticed. Also, my brother-in-law is in the band so I might be a little biased. Whatever, their still a great band. Actually, my brother-in-law, Sam, is really in at least three bands. He’s that good.

The other two bands are thebrotheregg and twinklelingus. Go check them out immediately as well. And buy their cd and other stuff. Support independent artists.

Ok, now I really gotta go. It’s the women’s gymnastics team competition and I just love that Carly Patterson and Courtney Kupets. I know its already over but TiVo got it for me. Thanks TiVo.


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