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Quick test post

Yeah, I know. I hate test posts too. But I gotta check out the new version of ecto for Windows and I am also testing out my Dell laptop now that I have applied Windows XP Service Pack 2. I have to say, so far, so good on both counts. SP2 seems to have not broken anything, at least so far and the version of ecto for Windows seems to work well too. So, that’s good.

In case you don’t know, ecto is my prefered blog software on the Macintosh. Now, they have it for Windows too. It works with all the popular services like Moveable Type, Typepad, Blogger and Atom so no worries. I use Typepad myself and would use MoveableType if I was running my own server at the moment, but I’m not. I will again in the future but right now, it is easier to have someone else do it for me.

And I really like the folks at Typepad so go check them out. Also, check out ecto as well for the best blogging software around for the Macintosh and so far, for Windows too.

Also, I have some new links to your right and especially find the Starbucks one pretty interesting. As many of you know, I frequent Starbucks so this bit of insider info is pretty cool. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

And, much to my surprise, I am actually watching the Olympics way more than I thought I would. Maybe its because of the lack of anything else on TV. I don’t know. I still think NBC should have had more coverage of the Democratic Convention but are doing and ok job covering the Olympics. Not too much over the top family stories of courage or anything like that. Some, but not over-the-top yet.

What can I say? I guess you can call me a flip-flopper.


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