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It’s nice to know that when I make a mistake I correct it in a public way. Yesterday, I tried to use my Dell Laptop which, as we all know, runs Windows XP Pro, to post some thought to this here blog. Suffice to say it didn’t not go exactly as planned.

I do not fault the good folks who make ecto, my blog software of choice. They have written and provide a nice bit of instruction for any and all users to look at and follow. Sadly, I did not partake of the bit of knowledge. In short, I did not RTFM. But now, all is well and I can get back to doing what I like to do without fear of mushed up text.

I realize that as a human being, I am prone to mistakes. Sometimes, really stupid mistakes. This is one of those times and I am sure more are to follow. I’m not trying to be hard on myself just to be hard on myself. But I am a technology consultant for corn sake. If I can’t use the damn software correctly, and I’m supposed to know how, then who can? Oh yeah, RTFM and all will be well.

They really need to teach that in school. All I learned in my early days of school was that girls had cooties and it was fun to play Dungeons and Dragons all day instead of doing any actual school work. If you are not familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, its what we nerds did before we all got these fancy computers at home and started playing “Call of Duty” or “Medal of Honor” or “Madden 2004” or whatever is the hot title du jour.

I was sort of an oddity in the world of nerddom. I was, and still are, quite a geek, loving the tech and gadgets as I do. However, I was also a jock too. Kind of an odd mixture. I had friends that played sports and friends that played video games. I guess I was lucky and had a pretty good time in high school. Although, I did not go to my 10 year reunion and have no plans to attend the 20 year either when it arrives.

My best friends in high school are still my friends and I am still in touch with them. None of them live in LA so getting together is sometimes difficult but we manage. In fact, one of my friends, Steve, is planning a big party in a few weeks which me and mine will be attending. I expect some good amounts of various cocktails will be imbibed that day (or we will all get tired and go to bed by 10).

Perhaps I will remember to take some pictures and post them somewhere. Maybe even here or on the Moblog. Probably, I will just snap a few and forget about them until I discover them again down the road. That’s kind of fun actually.

Well, I actually have to do some work tomorrow pretty early so its off to bed for me to try and go to sleep. Wish me luck.


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