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Happy birthday Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) which turns 30 this year. NPR even has story about it. Also, Gamespy is doing a bunch of stuff in honor of the birthday as well.

I used to love the game. It was fun and helped you use your imagination. Once, we played for three straight days. Even got our pictures in the paper (it was a pretty small town back then). To top it off, I sent a letter to E. Gary Gygax, one of the inventors of the game, and told him about our “marathon” game of D&D.

He was impressed and wrote a nice letter back. He also sent me a bunch of free adventure packs and levels so we could keep on playing. Also during that time, we almost went across the country to go to the Gencon convention so I could play D&D with hundreds of other geeks just like me. Unfortunately, I ended up getting sick so we didn’t go. But my parents would have done it. They were pretty cool and helped me do quite a few things if I showed an interest. It was nice and I appreciate it to this day.

In other news, Jane Pauley is bipolar. And John Kerry is pissed off. I don’t blame him. They guy saved someone’s life and now they are calling him a liar. Isn’t politics wonderful?

More and more each day I really dislike our President and his goons. If by some miracle the country has a giant brain fart and votes to keep him in office, I am seriously considering moving. It’s a shame, I really like it here. I just don’t know if I can be part of George Bush’s vision for America and watch him run this country into the ground. Let’s hope the decision is made for me and he loses, big time.

Sorry, I really was going to try and stay away from politics but this stuff makes me angry sometimes. I’ll be fine though, don’t worry. Deep breath. Deep breath. Deep breath. . .


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