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It’s Tuesday so that means (part 2)

It’s still Tuesday. At least for another hour and a half. We just came from a great dinner at Border Grill. It was fun. It was also fun when one of the ladies that owns the place, Susan, came to the table to see if everything was going ok. That was a nice touch and made the wife feel special and look cool to her High School buddies.

Plus, they sent over two giant plates of every dessert. They were all fantastic but I especially liked the Pastel Rufina, which is layers of puff pastry, sweetened cream cheese, chocolate chunks, and fresh berries. Man, that was good.

Anyway, here’s a few tech tidbits of news and stuff to get you through the night:

The fantastic people at the MPAA are suing two microchip makers, alleging they sold their products to makers of equipment that can be used to illegally copy DVDs.

Also, students at Northern Illinois University are testing a legal file downloading service. It is made by Ruckus Network, and was developed by a group of MIT students. NIU pays 5$ a month per student, and the students can get music, movies, TV shows, local content and community features.

John Dvorak over at ABC News is starting to question if it’s time to kill Microsoft Word. With Viable options like Open available for Windows and Mac OSX, as well as AbiWord and others, do we really need this bloatware anymore? I still use it but only because I already have it and I get it for free. If I didn’t, I would take a hard look at Open Office for sure.

Apple has issued a recall for Powerbook batteries. If you have a 15″ Powerbook, be sure to check and see if yours is affected and get it replaced.

Lastly, if you are searching for great Mac deals, Wired has a story about dealmac, a site devoted to finding the best deal on everything Mac. To be fair, their is also a great site devoted to the Windows PC and other tech bargains. Check it out here.

Oh, one more thing. The Iraqi soccer team still has a chance to win a medal at the Olympics. They play Italy on Friday night to see who gets the bronze medal. Count the seconds before the Bush Campaign uses this in a commercial, especially if they do end up winning a medal. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Gotta have the political fix.

That’s all I can do right now. John Stewart has John Kerry on The Daily Show tonight. I don’t want to miss a minute of that. Although, ever vigilant TiVo will certainly record it.


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