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It’s Thursday and that means

The internet was supposed to come crashing down today. But, big shocker, it was all a bunch of bull. It seems our Russian security expert friend has his head stuck in the wrong place or was doing a little media spin for his own ends.

I just wanted to post something here in case it all went away soon. But it seems like it won’t as their are no indications of a large scale attack. Hmm. People trying to get attention by bending the truth or making up stories? That would never happen here. Or, would it?

Also, you may have noticed that I have been fooling around with the design of this here blog. I don’t know how I want it to look, exactly, so it may change again on an infrequent basis. I’m not a web designer or a designer of any kind so I am just feeling my way through the process with the help of a few books and a few friends. So, please bear with me.

More later but until then . . .


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