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Could it be?

Is this the new G5 iMac that everyone is talking about? I guess we will find out next week as that’s when the announcement is supposed to come. Although, it may be the week after that.


Looks cool. It seems like a logical evolution of the computer. Although, I do like the lampshade look of the current iMac. It’s still pretty innovative. Or, will the iMac look like this:


Which is also a pretty interesting design. I think it will probably be more like the first one. But, you never know what Steve J. has up his sleeve. Whatever it is, I’ll bet it’s something cool. The worst part is I have a friend who is doing the new Apple commercials and he can’t tell me exactly what is what.

He did let slip that their were some boxes of the new stuff around the office that the add agency folks were checking out but he couldn’t elaborate further. We were at his office after all so I can understand. The walls have ears and all that.

Should be an interesting week what with the Republican National Convention, new Macs and I might hear about a new thing for me. We shall see.


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