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Saturday, Saturday, Saturday

Is a good day for cleaning the house and then waiting for the cleaning people to arrive and clean the house. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me that we clean up the house before people come to clean up the house but what do I know, I’m just a man. I just do what I am told, no matter the logic (or lack thereof).

Apparently, freedom from censorship is still something we shouldn’t take for granted as the ALA (American Library Association) recently published the new 100 most frequently challenged books list of the last few years. Of the challenged books, Harry Potter was in the number 7th place in the most frequently challenged.

Also included were ‘Where’s Waldo’ and ‘The Giver’ along with ‘Goosebumps’ and ‘How to Eat Fried Worms.’ These books were challenged, and in some cases, banned from various public institutions. This means mostly public libraries and public schools. They also have the most frequently challenged books of 2003.

Challenged means that a group or individual took exception to something in the book and challenged its suitability to be on public shelves for all to see. Not quite as bad as banning a book, but its in the same neighborhood. So, if you think this kind of thing is wrong, perhaps you will participate in the ALA’s “Banned Books Week” and read a book on the banned list.

Also, here’s a tech-related story about two guys using their brains and their computers to organize protests against Republican National Convention.

Finally, as a counter my last rant against the men’s Olympic hoops team, the women have won the gold. Congrats to them. They showed what a team of determined professionals can do. And they did it with style. We could all learn something from them (I know I could. Especially the style part).


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