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Monday, Monday

I’m going to reserve any comments on the Republican National Convention until either the end, after the President speaks, or if something really interesting happens. Today, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain did the heavy lifting. They mostly talked about President Bush’s “courage” and how much of a great leader he is and that kind of thing.

Again, I will reserve comment and instead, will look to John Stewart and “The Daily Show” to shed light and commentary on the events that are going on in New York. I’m sure they will have a great deal of insight into the players and the process as only a fake news show can. I’m looking forward to it.

In other news:

In a recent interview with Wired Magazine, Microsoft Security Program Manager Stephen Toulouse, when asked about their now 2 year old focus on security, comments “it’s more of a 10-year timeline.” He also reveals that he runs Firefox.

Sorry to all the Windows users if this is really true. Every day I am happy to be using a Mac for 95% of my work and play. Also, Firefox is a great browser, especially if you use Windows. I still tend to prefer Safari for the Mac but I also use Firefox sometimes.

San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other California cities and counties are suing Microsoft. The class action suit attacks Microsoft for it’s monopolistic business practices. SF City Attorney Dennis Herrera says, “It’s anticompetitive, it’s predatory, and it denies consumers, and in this case taxpayers, the benefits of innovation that a free marketplace should provide.” The local governments are seeking millions in damages.

Not a good week to be a Windows user or to be Bill Gates. Really, he probably doesn’t even notice that he is being sued. It happens so frequently. People really like to sue Microsoft. I guess that’s where the money is so why not?

Don’t worry, its not all about Windows or Microsoft, Michael Moore got a negative reception at the RNC, boos. What a shocker that they don’t like him very much. And those crazy NASA guys are going to announce a new class of planets any day now. The fact that we have had four new planets discovered recently is pretty extraordinary. I think it does warrant a new class of planet. Kudos to them.

Ok, I feel that this entry had gone on long enough for now. Time to put it to bed. And me too. I am actually tired and I think I will be able to sleep. Or, I will be back up in a few hours watching reruns of “Combat” on the Action Channel. What a cool show. Vic Morrow was a stud.


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