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This is a first for me, I have to say. Here it is early evening on the day that both the NFL football season and the new Joey show start and I have nothing to say. I am not feeling particularly creative today or for the last day or so. It’s odd, really, usually can’t help myself. I just don’t shut up.

One thing I really like is discussion. Especially with people who can have an intelligent one. Many of my friends are capable. Some, sadly, are not. I don’t judge them or think badly of them that’s just how they are. Our group is chock full of brains and opinions for the most part, though. Or, at least opinions. Sometimes, they are even informed opinions. Sometimes, not so much.

Whatever the origin or basis in fact (if any), my friends are perfectly capable of arguing their points well past the time it takes for your average iced grande soy two-pump mocha. But, I just gotta love ’em anyway. They keep slugging away. Nothing like passion.

It’s probably because a vast majority of my friends work in the entertainment industry and are all pretty darn creative. They also like attention and to hear themselves talk so that plays into it as well. Either way, it makes for some entertaining afternoons at the local (the local Starbucks I mean. We really don’t go to the pub much, sadly).

What does all this mean in a world where we are at war and terrorists kill children at a school and husbands murder their wives and children go to bed hungry or where people live in the streets without medical care or shelter and a giant corporate culture takes more and more and gives less and less?

I don’t know, I was just trying not to be so dark today. Almost there too. Crap.


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