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Better and better

With props to Andrew Sullivan, whom I agree with. John Kerry is getting better at taking the fight to President Bush. Here’s a great example of that from his speech at New York University.

Here’s the best part:

The administration told us we’d be greeted as liberators.  They were wrong.

They told us not to worry about looting or the sorry state of Iraq’s infrastructure.  They were wrong.

They told us we had enough troops to provide security and stability, defeat the insurgents, guard the borders and secure the arms depots.  They were wrong.

They told us we could rely on exiles like Ahmed Chalabi to build political legitimacy.  They were wrong.

They told us we would quickly restore an Iraqi civil service to run the country and a police force and army to secure it.  They were wrong.

In Iraq, this administration has consistently over-promised and under-performed.  This policy has been plagued by a lack of planning, an absence of candor, arrogance and outright incompetence.  And the President has held no one accountable, including himself.

In fact, the only officials who lost their jobs over Iraq were the ones who told the truth.

That’s a little more like it. Now, if we could just do something about his hair.


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