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VP Debate



Who the heck was that angry, bitter man that looked vaguely like the Vice-President? And, didn’t he realize that he was wearing a microphone? If he slouched any more forward he would have fallen over. That’s probably why he wanted to be sitting at a table.

Really, all I can say about Cheney’s performance is that he looked about ready to pass out much of the time. I have to believe that he is an intelligent and articulate man with a great deal of experience in government. However, that guy was not in attendance tonight. What we had instead was someone who looks beaten down. A man who knows, deep down, what kind of hole he and President Bush have dug. A man who knows that he and President Bush have no idea how to get us out of the mess in Iraq or the mounting deficit here at home. He looks like a man without a plan.

He did have a few good points and managed to seem positively upbeat when he attacked John Kerry and John Edward’s records in the Senate. Really, he was at his best when attacking Edwards personally. Which is, of course, another refuge for the desperate. When you don’t really have anything substantive to say or any real plan, just keep calling the other guy an asshole over and over. Loudly. And in front of lots of people.

After watching last weeks debate between John Kerry and President Bush, I felt like Kerry was finally able to show that he has a backbone and is ready to kick some ass in order to become President. He was on the world stage and looked every bit Presidential. Edwards did a great job as well but sometimes came across lacking in the experience department. He made little sense on Afghanistan; he wobbled on the “global test” issue; and he was completely lost when asked to respond to the question that he was too inexperienced for office. Of course, that’s a hard question to answer without seeming defensive. Sadly, Edwards blew that one.

Right now, an ABC news poll gives the debate to Cheney with 43 percent to Edwards 35 percent with 19 percent calling it a tie. Those numbers are a little unfair in that ABC’s viewership is 38 pecent Republicans, 31 percent Democrats, and the rest independents. Factor that in and its almost a tie.

A CBC poll of only uncommitted voters found that 41 percent said Edwards won the debate, versus 28 percent who said Cheney won. Thirty-one percent said it was a tie. So, there you go. That poll makes a little more sense to me, even though it is on CBS (i’ll give them a break).

I would also like to know what Cheney really thinks of President Bush, especially where gays are concerned. I don’t know about you, but I sensed a little rift there. I respect Cheney for acknowledging his daughter (finally) but how can he support a man who’s beliefs classify his daughter as evil? Maybe we will get all the dish in a few years when Cheney writes a tell-all with Kitty Kelly.

In the meantime, I think that Edwards helped Kerry tonight. Cheney was effective on some points and for sure was a hit with his base supporters but i would be surprised if he had any effect, except a negative one, on the so-called “swing” voters. He just came across, as I think he often does, as cranky and used to getting his own way and how dare you question me and while were at it go fuck yourself.


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