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Third and final Presidential debate

Here it is folks, the last Presidential debate. I, for one, will be all ears (or really, eyes. or both) Anyway, it is shaping up to be quite a night what with all the bad news the Bush campaign has been getting recently. To recap:
Mr. Cheney’s saying that he never implied that Iraq and September 11 were related when, of course, he did exactly that.
Rumsfeld’s statement that he was not aware of any direct link between Al Qaeida and Iraq even though he had been saying all along that their was a link. What is he thinking?
The release of the Gov. report that states emphatically that there was no sign that Iraq had any WMD program for more than a dozen years and that they had abandoned those plans for lack of funds.

John Kerry needs to press President Bush on these issues. He needs to show that these men who run or government are either incredibly stupid for not asking the right questions and demanding answers before they sent troops to war or they purposely made decisions that were unsupported by the facts simply for personal reasons such as they wanted to take over Iraq.

Go get ’em Mr. Kerry. And now, the debate . . .

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