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More LA moments

Ok, here’s something I don’t understand. Oh, note that this will be a rant mostly on traffic and terrible drivers in LA so if that offends you or you are one of those people, please move on. That said, here we go:

Many people in LA have their heads up their asses. Sadly, a great deal of those same people are behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. Many times, said moving vehicle is of the foreign and expensive kind (i.e. Mercedes, BMW, etc.). I’m not sure why but it sure seems, at least in my experience, that if you drive a Mercedes or BMW in this town, you drive like shit and have no consideration for anyone else on the road.

Not only that, you seem actively engaged in behavior designed to cause other drivers to have accidents. Some will protest that I am generalizing or being hard on a particular minority or whatever. The truth is, their are a crap load of people who drive a Mercedes or BMW in this town so I am speaking about a large number of LA residents.

Are all Mercedes or BMW drivers reckless hacks? No, of course not. That’s like saying that all Republicans are against clean air and clean water. Absurd. What I will say is that I have found a vast majority of Mercedes or BWM drivers that I come into contact with are very concerned that they be allowed to get ahead of you or with how fast you are driving or with why you are on the road at all.

They seem determined to have the road to themselves and will pass you without hesitation, even to the point of going into oncoming traffic, if they feel you are driving too slow. It’s probably because they have to get to that really important meeting.

Just as telling, when parking, they believe that it is ok to take up two spots so nobody else can park near them. Now, nobody likes to have dings in their door but come one, who says you have the right to park that way? Do you think that because you paid more for your car than the average person earns in a year that that entitles you to some sort of special treatment? I’m afraid the answer to that is a big fat no.

Perhaps it is not just the fact that this group of folks (sorry, couldn’t help myself) drive expensive and exotic vehicles? Perhaps it is because of the jobs that many of these people have that allow them to have these vehicles? Los Angeles is pretty much a company town where many people work in some aspect of “the business”. These people, in order to get ahead, are sometimes forced to relax on some of the more common courtesy type behavior. In short, many of them become dickheads.

So, perhaps a dickhead is a dickhead if he drives a Mercedes or a BMW or an H2 Hummer or an AMC Pacer. The instrument of choice is not really the issue. You could then make the case that the vehicle is irrelevant and its really the person who is to blame. I do have some friends that drive some of these cars and I can say that most of them are not dickheads. Although, they sometimes drive very badly.

I’m not sure what that proves really. Perhaps I should buy a Mercedes and see if I change and become one of the “elite” with the giant sense of entitlement. I wonder what would happen? Would I become a dickhead? I would like to think I wouldn’t.

But just in case, you better get the hell outta my way or I’ll pass your slow ass. See, its starting already.


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