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Get a Mac people

This should help you decide to get rid of your Windows machine and buy a Mac. 90% of computers (Windows computers that is) have some sort of spyware installed.

Remember, there is no spyware for the Mac and no viruses or worms or any crap like that. I know Macs are more expensive and that they are a closed system and their are fewer games and blah, blah, blah. The bottom line is that your time is worth something too. The time you spend removing spyware, scanning for spyware, dealing with spyware and even thinking about spyware is valuable time. If you were using a Mac, you would not have to even think about spyware and thus, would have extra time on your hands. You could then use could that extra time in more productive ways.


With all that extra time, who knows what you could achieve? You might invent a cure for spyware and market it to all the unfortunate lemmings that were still using Windows. It works for companies like Norton and McAfee. They make a ton of cash on anti-spyware, anti-spam and anti-virus tools. I like to use a quote someone told me once regarding the medical industry. There is no money in curing cancer. However, there is a crap load of money to be made in treating it.

Now, don’t send me hate-mail and tell me cancer is much more serious than spyware and that I’m a jerk for making a comparison like that. Of course cancer is much more important that spyware. Obviously. However, the point is still valid. Several companies stand to make a ton of cash selling tools that combat viruses and spyware. They never really seem to do the job all the way though, do they?

Their always seems to be a new virus or worm or spyware or whatever that can beat our anti-tools. I don’t even use anti-virus software on my Macs. Never have. Never had a virus either. Not in over fifteen years of using the Mac. But really, in the end, why do we want to even think about this stuff at all? It’s just a waste of our valuable time.

Maybe if more people started to take the plunge and go the Mac way Apple would lower the price because they could make it up in volume like Dell does? And, if more Macs were sold, software makers would start to make more software for the Mac. All it takes is for people to switch to the Mac. One at a time, inch by inch, we can all get more time in our lives. Life is too short to worry about spyware and the blue screen of death.

With all this spyware, viruses, Windows patches and other things that make Windows a pain in the ass, its just a matter of time. People will realize that a computer is a tool and that tool needs to help us do our work, not hinder us. Our time on earth is finite. Let’s use it wisely.


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