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Hangover Sunday

I’m a little hung over due some good wine last night at The Water Grill here in LA. Great food, great wine but a tad on the expensive side (ok, a little more than a tad). I really liked it but it wasn’t all that.

I still think Commander’s Palace in New Orleans is the best restaurant I have ever been to. Although, Arroyo Chop House ranks a close second (if you are looking for a steak). However, if you are a fan of seafood (especially the tuna) you could not find better anywhere else in Los Angeles.

Ok, on with the other stuff. Don’t try to BS these people. They know you are full of it.

And the FCC has its hands tied (at least according to itself) and won’t be blocking the airing of the anti-Kerry “news” program on the Sinclair Media television stations.

And, in better news that I am very excited about. Acclaimed author William Gibson has a new blog up and running. He’s cool and his books are very interesting indeed. Read them all, I have.

That’s it for a lazy Sunday. Now, I might even go watch some football.


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